BOOK EXCERPT: X-rated: Yeti! Were? by Celia Kyle

AS if being cold wasn’t bad enough, Sela is cold in an industrial freezer! At least she has a roommate for the time she is locked away. Yosi, however is not so happy, extreme changes in tempurature make him feel wild and uninhibited! What will go on in this freezer? Find out in Yeti! Were? by Celia Kyle now available through Changeling Press, LLC.


On the night of the midnight moon, Sela finds herself locked in an industrial freezer, put there by none other than her alpha’s half-crazed brother. Content to spend her weekend as a wolf for her duration at the frozen prison, she doesn’t expect the whack job to thrust someone else in there with her. Now, faced with the choice of shifting and tearing into the yummy man’s hide or simply fucking through the lust frenzy that accompanies the midnight moon, Sela doesn’t know what to do. Decisions, decisions…

Yosi should have kept driving right through the town. He definitely shouldn’t have stopped for dinner at The Den. When the weaselly wolf, Ron, approached him, he told the man exactly what he thought of him. Which landed him in a nice stay at the local meat plant and a cozy room in their freezer. Not a good place for a yeti to be. Drastic changes in temperature from hot to cold make Yosi feral, and horny…


Fuck, she was locked in a room with a yeti. Not just any room either; no, it had to be a fucking freezer. The one thing that got a yeti to go primal; the cold. She didn’t know if she should run or face her imminent death head-on. Running would tire him out, and a tired yeti did kill fast. Running would only delay the inevitable. She squared her shoulders, ready to stare death down like a man… er, woman. “So, do you prefer to play with your food or will you make this quick and painless?” At least she wouldn’t have to worry about eating him. Though, if he just would have been a human, they could have fucked and both left the freezer very happy.

He took a step back, brows furrowed. She noticed a smattering of pale white hair peeking out of the top of his shirt. It had already started. She’d be staring at a full on, furry yeti soon.

“What you mean?” he grunted.

Yeah, he was already at the point of no return and if everything she’d read about them was true, the shift from a somewhat normal appearing man to a giant furry guy usually took prolonged exposure to the cold. Being locked in the freezer must have accelerated the process. Great, she’d be with an extremely cranky yeti. Even better. “I mean, if you’re going to eat me, will you at least make it quick?” Short words. Short words for the near Neanderthal man. “Me run? Or you eat, kill now?” There, that should do it. Like talking to a two-year-old.

The thin T-shirt which had grown tighter by the minute finally split, tearing more with each breath he took and exposing his dark skin. The same snow-white hair she’d seen peeking out of the shirt now covered his entire chest. It looked silky soft and Sela wondered what it would feel like to run her hands through the pale fur, stroking each of his muscles.

The man kicked off his shoes, never taking his eyes from her. She still hadn’t decided if he would chase her and make her run for her life before tearing her into bite-sized pieces or if he’d just kill her now. Fear, not the temperature in the room, kept her frozen.

He reached for the button of his jeans, flicking them open without hesitation and simply tearing them from his body. Oh, what a body. More importantly, what a cock. Her wolf howled its appreciation inside her head and she winced at the internal noise. Horny beast. His legs were covered in the same silken fur, from his ankles to his upper thighs. The only hairless place on his now nude body? The skin surrounding the juncture of his thighs and his cock.

The stranger’s cock was long and thick, thicker than anything she’d ever seen before. Sure, she’d watched porn along with all the other women, getting themselves off when a suitable male wasn’t around. But this cock put all the porn stars to shame. What she (and her wolf) wouldn’t give to lick, suck, and fuck that beautiful specimen. Too bad he wanted to eat her — and not in a good way.

He grunted and she drew her gaze back to his face. The fur had thinned at his neck, leaving his face just as it had been before, hairless, dark and beautiful. Like chiseled perfection, he had a strong chin, angular nose and the deepest blue eyes she’d ever seen. “You run. Then eat. No kill.”

“Great. You’re going to play with me, eat part of me, but not kill me. You should, you know, I really don’t want to spend my life disfigured.” Sela shouldn’t have been taunting the giant, but maybe teasing him would push him to kill her a bit quicker.

“I eat. I fuck. No hurt. Mine.” He grunted and took a few steps back.

Eat? Fuck? Mine? Damn, in any other situation, she would have laughed. Instead, she thanked God for Ron and his idiocy. Only Ron would put Sela in a freezer on the night of the midnight moon with a yeti because she wouldn’t fuck him. She’d be fucked tonight, by the biggest cock she’d ever seen. Better yet? He wanted to chase her and then fuck her. The yeti was playing Sela’s favorite sex game and tonight there wouldn’t be any losers.

True, the yeti could always change his mind and tear her limb from limb, but he could do that at any time, fucking wouldn’t change that. And what a way to go. Striding past him, moving quickly but not yet running, she shot a glance at his cock. Already it stood tall and erect as if reaching for her.

The heels of Sela’s shoes clicked on the concrete floor as she moved away from him, eager for the chase to begin… and end.

Run out and get your copy of Yeti! Were? by Celia Kyle, now available through Changeling Press, LLC!

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