BOOK EXCERPT -X : Kentucky Hunger – adult vampire excerpt

I love creatures of the night & Halloween! Here is an excerpt from my new vampire story available now at EXtasy Books! On the monthly bestseller list at EXtasy!!

A centuries-old vampire; a young telepath. He’s a deadly force that will have his mate. Dare she give the irresistible, fearsome vampire a chance? Will they find love amid sinister plots and evil intentions?


Alana is being stalked by a vampire…

Under the oppressive cover of dark trees, she was stalked and accosted. A blindfold was wrapped around her eyes from behind and quickly tied there. She was stopped in her tracks and her instinct was to fight. She lifted her hands, but they were jerked down and tied
efficiently behind her back. She felt silk bonds, sensuous against the soft skin of her wrists.

Alana started to run, blindly but after two steps was jerked to a stop and thrown over a wide male shoulder. She was smoldering. It was amazing that she hadn’t erupted into flames. She felt the wetness on her jean shorts since she didn’t wear panties. Her breath came fast between her lips and still no word had been spoken between them. A large male hand rubbed over her ass and then gave it a quick slap. She squirmed on the shoulder and was rewarded with a rub and another sharp slap.

“Fuck you,” Alana uttered dangerously to which he replied with promise, “I intend to. Hard.” His words caused a shiver to skate down her body. She felt her nipples peak against the soft, pink shirt. She wondered if he felt them pressed into his back. His finger took a quick foray along her slit, made accessible by the loose shorts she wore.

“Mmmmm,” he rumbled. “I love how you taste.”
Alana clenched her dangling legs together and moaned. Then, she felt the strange melting sensation that accompanied teleportation and realized they were now somewhere else. She yelped as she was dropped but she landed on a soft surface, a bed, she guessed as she was pulled up by her forearms. She could hear every sound as if her lack of sight
intensified that sense.

Muted music, erotic and sensuous, played in the background and she thought she could hear whispered voices. The thought that she was on display in front of others tweaked a chill through her bones. A dark fragrance permeated the air, a sensual musk of some sort that stirred her blood. Silk bedding caressed the skin of her legs and caused goose
bumps to briefly cover her body.

“Where are we?” Alana whispered. She wanted to hear Rhys’ voice.

“Quiet,” he ordered. “Speak when I give you permission, Alana,” Rhys said in a hard voice that brooked no disagreement. She was pushed down onto her back. Her shorts were unbuttoned and stripped off her legs.

“What,” she started to ask when she heard a crack and a sharp sting seared her leg. She yelped and realized that he whipped her. Her mouth dried.

“No more talking unless I say,” he ordered again, his voice low and deadly.

Sophia Danu

Sassy Brit

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