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Available now from Amber Quill Press, the sequel to best seller Lycan Lore:

Title: Lycan Lore 2: Offspring
Author: Shannon Leigh
Publisher: Amber Quill Press—Amber Heat
Publisher Site:
Author Site:
Genre: Erotic / Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Shapeshifter / Ménage (M/F/M) / Group Sex / Series
Heat Level: 3 Length: Novella (23k words)
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-360-3
Price: $3.75 (25% discount!)
Retail Availability: ebook/downloadable


Nine months ago, Heather’s life took a dramatic change. She became a werewolf. Shortly thereafter, a lycan hunter named Cray murdered her sire, leaving her to struggle through her horrible existence alone. But if turning into a bloodthirsty, ravenous, beast of the night wasn’t bad enough, she’d also conceived a child on the evening of her attack. With the next lunar cycle about to begin, the hunter hot on her heels, and her unborn child at stake, she’s desperate to stay alive. Hoping the hordes of partying females will mask her scent, she flees to the crowded shores of South Beach, right into the arms of a local college student named Mike, a man who could prove more than a one-night stand.

Born a lycan, bred a hunter, Cray McCorbin has learned to control his inner beast, as well as accept the responsibility of eliminating other wolves who can’t. He’s not proud of his job—killing isn’t something he enjoys—and prefers to consider himself a protector of humanity, despite his own heritage. Nine months ago, however, fate intervened in his miserable life and fulfilled the old Lycan Lore, presenting him with a mate. Cassandra, Heather’s best friend, is all Cray’s ever dreamed of and more. But destiny can sometimes come with a cruel hand. Though he’d gladly give his life for her, his duties as hunter comes first. He can’t allow any renegade werewolf to escape, not even Cassandra’s best friend…


Heather made her way through the maze of palm trees, trying to put as much distance as possible between herself and the throngs of people still partying at the Clevelander. She’d scarcely made it three blocks before the first twinge of pain started in her lower back, like a needle being jabbed in her spine. Despite how many times she’d endured the transformation, it never got any easier.

Not far enough!
Her breaths became gasps as she quickened her pace. Another sharp pain nearly felled her to the ground. Breaking into a run, she kicked sand up behind her in her haste.

A sudden break in the foliage created a window to the heavens above. Moonlight filtered down through the gap, bathing her in its commanding glow. Unable to fight the change any longer, she fell to her hands and knees in the soft sand.

Heather tugged off her clothes. They’d be torn to shreds if she left them on. In another few moments, she would neither need them, nor care.

Her body wracked with pain, she collapsed onto her side with a strangled cry. Fearing the shifting of her insides might harm her baby; she clamped her arms around her belly and prayed for his safety. “Please, God…”

Bones cracked, muscles tore, and organs shifted, traumatizing her body once again as she turned into a hound from hell. Her frame shook as though having a grand mal seizure. Fur sprouted from her darkening skin as her human exterior morphed into the true beast contained inside.

The last thing she heard before her mind went blank and blood lust steered all thoughts was the sound of voices nearby. She wanted to scream, tell them to run, but it was too late. Heather was gone, replaced by the thing Graham had left behind.

Staying low to the ground, she crept to the edge of the picket fence bordering the narrow pathway leading from one of the hotels on Ocean Drive to the beach. Shrill laughter danced in the air as the hushed voices of a man and woman drew near. Little did they know that death waited a mere twenty feet ahead.

Unable to see them yet, Heather’s ears pitched forward, her keen hearing honing in on their steps. Crouched in preparation, her muscles tightened, priming her entire body to leap. Her eyes intently focused on the path, she waited without sound for her prey to come into view.

As the unsuspecting duo stepped into the moonlight, Heather quickly sized up her quarry. She’d go for the male first, then the woman. Drool seeped from her gaping jowls as she anticipated sinking her teeth into their tender flesh.

Her impending victims only a few feet away, she issued a low growl. Warning laced its ominous sound. Had the two not been so wrapped up in each other, they might have heard the subtle admonition and turned to run.


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