BOOK EXCERPT Waiting for Willow by Bonnie Rose Leigh

Careful when going to the bank at night! You never know what can happen, who can grab you, or what they will do to you. Willow learned this the hard way. Willow was abducted and tied to an alter in a cemetary. Will she survive the night? Will true love come to the rescue? Find out in Waiting for Willow by Bonnie Rose Leigh releasing October 2008 through eXtasy Books.

Willow Kincaid, a successful pub owner, never expected that dropping off her evenings take at the bank would result in her abduction. Even more bizarre is waking up tied to a temporary altar in Serenity¢s only cemetery on All Hallows Eve. When robe-garbed men surround her and begin chanting from an ancient text while holding daggers over her naked body, she¢s positive she¢ll never live to see morning.

Derek Moretti and Quinn Donovan, werewolves without a pack or family of their own, moved to Serenity after hearing the town was in desperate need of more enforcers to take care of paranormal baddies. Within days, the pair scents their mate and takes jobs as bouncers at The Howler, the pub their mate owns. When Willowfails to return home to her apartment above the pub where they¢re laying in wait to claim her, they know something has happened to her and they¢ll stop at nothing to see her safely returned to them.

But Willow¢s kidnapping is only the beginning, for when she¢s rescued it sets off a chain of events too terrifying to be ignored. As the terror campaign in Serenity escalates, it will take all three of them to defeat their enemies and a love that even pure evil cannot conquer.


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