THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD by Susanne Marie Knight


Impoverished Katrina obtains lodging in a London house owed by the Earl of Udall, Quentin Thornhill. The Earl, however, already had plans to install his latest mistress in that house and seeks to move Katrina elsewhere. She becomes the thorn in Thornhill’s side when a clash of wills ensues with Katrina being the victor. But Lord Udall, cynical in his dealings with women, is taken with Katrina’s gentle ways and for the first time in his life, slowly tries to win her wary heart. A dash of larceny and a compromising situation force them to reluctantly set a wedding date, which causes unexpected love to bloom in the frigid cold of winter.

Scene Set-Up: The Earl of Udall is inconvenienced when he finds Katrina and her great aunt living in the rental house that he just won. He arrogantly believes Katrina will take his money go elsewhere.


Reaching into his waistcoat, Lord Udall pulled out a small blue pouch. So intent was he with the pouch, that he did not notice he also pulled out a black velvet box. It dropped to the uncarpeted floor without making a sound.

Katrina pointed to the box. “You drop–“

“These guineas will reimburse you for any hardships you believe you have suffered.” The Earl jiggled the blue sack.

With a shrug, he threw the pouch next to her feet.

He obviously thought his business was concluded, for he strode to a looking-glass on the wall, then adjusted his cravat.

Katrina narrowed her gaze. So Lord Udall thought he had disposed of her, hmmn? Neatly bribing her so that he could install his latest mistress at this address. Taking a look at her mother’s portrait, Katrina straightened her shoulders. I think not.

Picking up the coin sack, she sauntered over to the Earl. After rearranging his cravat, he realigned the stripes on the painted buttons of his tail-coat.

She raised her gaze. Faith, what a dandy!

Preoccupied with his image, he did not see her. She hurled the bag at his chest.

He flinched from the blow, then caught the coins. “What the devil!”

“Lord Udall.” She gave him a smile of her own, albeit a little shaky. “I am not accepting your money for a simple reason–my great aunt and I are not leaving this house.”

Balling his fists, he tightened his square jaw, giving her a stare that would quell the dead. “Indeed?”

Behind her back, Katrina crossed her fingers. She would not let him intimidate her! “My great aunt and I signed a lease with the Dowager Countess of Udall in good faith. As far as I am concerned, it is a legal document. I am afraid you will have to evict us.”

“By God! You cannot be serious!”

His disbelief amused her. Obviously this man rarely faced opposition.= It would do him good to experience a setdown or two.

She tried to keep her lips from curving upward. “Oh, but I am, My Lord. Quite serious.”


Review: From Wayne Jordan at Word on Romance: Whenever I think of Regency romance, the names Mary Balogh and Carla Kelly come easily to mind. Susanne Marie Knight, a name not familiar to many, pens THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD, a wonderful story that is sure to touch the hearts of Regency fans, and establish her as one of the rising stars of Regency romance. THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD is a delightful Regency romp which will titillate with its diverse and well-created characters. Both Quentin and Katrina are well-developed. Along with Quentin and Katrina, Ms. Knight creates a menagerie of secondary characters that is unique and memorable. The Dowager, Aunt Hattie, and the evil Therese come quickly to mind. Four-year-old Freddy also stands out as we watch him more from a quiet, scared boy to a vibrant energetic individual bubbling with laughter. Wonderful characterization, a perfect sense of the Regency era, and a well- developed plot makes THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD one of the best Regency romances I’ve read so far for the year. Ms. Knight is a formidable talent!

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