BOOK EXCERPT: The Master and His Lover by Mary Winter

What would you do if the fantasy of a life time was at your fingertips and all it took was just letting go of your views on how life “should be”? Would you take the chance or just let it slip away? Toni has this choice with Kane and his lover Beau…will she take the chance or just let it slip? Find out in The Master and His Lover by Mary Winter through Loose Id.


Toni Lloyd attends ConDare 9, a science fiction convention known for its irreverent attitude and live action role playing to get away from her job as a technical writer. During a role-playing event she’s introduced to the Master of the city and an enigmatic man who appears to be his lover. Their night of scorching sex fulfills Toni’s fantasy of a ménage and leaves her wanting more. Especially since she thinks the Master is Kane Frasier, a high school jock on whom she’d always had a crush. When she discovers that not only was the Master Kane, but he’s also bisexual, and their trio included his lover Beau Vioget, a science fiction writer, she realizes that her fantasies can come true. If she’s willing to make them happen.

Kane has always wanted Toni. But back then he struggled with his sexuality. Now that he’s more mature, the fact that Toni’s back in his life is a plus. He and his partner had talked about adding a third to their relationship and Toni is just the woman they both need. He just has to prove her that the Master and his lover wouldn’t be complete without her.


“Welcome to our humble gathering. The Master would like to meet you.”
Toni followed the delectable baritone voice to its owner, a man who stood a good six inches above her five-feet-six-inch frame. A black sequined mask hid his face, though she saw wicked intelligence dancing in his vivid blue eyes. Thick hair, so dark it might as well have been black, curled enticingly around the collar of the black silk shirt he wore. The shimmering fabric and tight-fitting black jeans highlighted his muscled body. He wore black boots like an enforcer. She had a feeling if she were lucky enough to peel his clothes from his body, he’d be a delectable, kissable hunk of a man. And something told her he was probably gay.
She smiled at him, allowing flirtatious interest to enter her gaze. “I’m very glad. I’d like to talk to him about his support of the Twin Fires.”

He laughed, the rumble like pouring silken smooth chocolate over bare flesh, rich and warm and full of promise. She drank in the sight of his broad back as he turned and led her through the crowd. People automatically moved out of his way, whether responding to his impressive visage or simply because they knew he worked for the Master. Either way, Toni was very, very glad. Damn, he had a nice ass. His long strides made her work a bit to keep up with him.
People turned and watched them pass. Toni held her head high, her skirt swishing around her ankles. Any other game, she’d have these people eating out of her palm. Tonight, the room belonged to this man and his Master.

He stopped before the throne and nodded to the man, then turned and took up his position behind the chair. Resting his hand on the Master’s shoulder, the man looked at her…and smiled.
The hot, hungry look had a flush rising to Toni’s cheeks. Her attention fell to the casual way the man rested his hand on the Master’s shoulder. The gesture looked protective, possessive, and she glanced from the seated man to the standing one, trying to puzzle out the nature of their relationship.

“Do you wish to introduce yourself to the Master?” the seated man said with a hint of humor in his voice.
She nodded, her blush deepening. “I am Madeline Wainscott, overseer for the Church of the Twin Flames.” She curtseyed deeply, still holding onto her book. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”
The Master held out his hand, clearly intending for her to kiss his large signet ring.
She stepped forward, noting the man’s long, capable fingers with neatly trimmed nails. She took his hand in hers, and heat from the simple touch radiated through her body. He looked like he had the hands of a quarterback, large enough to span the ball, yet skilled enough to send it exactly where he wanted it to go. That, combined with the voice, made her attention flick back to his face. Though she couldn’t be sure, and the lines would be older, more mature, she thought she recognized the shape of his mouth and lips. If she was right, then she’d spent hours fantasizing about them back in high school.

Ignoring his ring, Toni brushed a quick kiss across the back of his hand. Wishing her blouse were more revealing, she bowed deeper. “It is an honor to meet you, Master.” She lowered her voice so the last word sounded like a husky caress.
Under normal circumstances, she might say she was coming on too strong, but her body hummed at the nearness of these men. Something about them sparked her interest and her desire. Unlike the black-clad man behind him, the Master looked built like a linebacker, with broad shoulders and a muscular build. He wore a royal blue silk shirt tucked into expensive black trousers and black leather shoes. The military-short cut of his blond hair only enhanced his jade eyes, making him look like a sunny day compared to his companion’s dark night. And she could easily imagine herself as the dawn, held suspended between the two extremes.
Toni stifled a moan.

“Interesting seeing you here. Why don’t you have a seat? I’d like to know more about your church.” The man gestured to a plush chair beside him. Though the words were couched to stay in character, she detected a flare of interest in his gaze and wondered what might happen once the game ended later this evening.

“Thank you,” she said, taking the seat next to him. The man who’d summoned her still stood behind him, but she sensed him shifting, standing between the two of them, almost like he guarded them both. If some silent signals passed between the Master and his companion, she didn’t see them and wondered anew at their relationship.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “So is Madeline your real name? Because you don’t look like a Maddie.” His breath warmed her earlobe, and for a moment, she thought he might take it between his teeth and nibble.

Her breath caught in her throat. Losing control wasn’t part of her persona, no matter how much this man made her want to rip off her clothes and offer herself to him. Especially since she was thinking he reminded her too much of Kane Frasier, high school heartthrob and quarterback extraordinaire.

“Toni Lloyd. You?” She made it a point of turning and looking at him. A heartbeat separated them, and her mouth opened in silent invitation.
His gaze dropped to her plump lips. “Kane Frasier. It’s very nice to meet you. Though if you’re going to be the Master’s woman, we’ll have to work on your wardrobe.” He reached out and brushed his knuckles along the column of her throat.

A soft, strangled whimper emerged as his fingers found the top button and unhooked it and then the second. The tips of his digits slid into the opening he’d created. “There, much better,” he said.
She could only sit there and stare at him, wetness dampening her panties.
“Much better,” the man behind them agreed. “Don’t you think?”

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