BOOK EXCERPT: The Cotillion – Erotic science fiction – adult

This is an unedited excerpt and an initial cover without title or author text…I love it and couldn’t wait to show it!! Release date is January 15th!!!

A Fantasy Games series story from eXtasy Books


In the year 2705, the ratio of females to males was at such a deficit on the planetary stations that the Galactic Administration passed the No Woman Left Alone Act rendering it illegal for a woman of age to be unmated. This legislation led to a movement in which women in the galaxy existed as little more than property of either their father or their mate. In the Beta Prime solar system, in particular, females were selected by their male owners on the planet Vega Fantasma.

Soon afterward, the Fantasma Academy became the Administration-sanctioned school for female education and procurement. It wasn’t long before legislation passed legally requiring all girls of age eighteen to enlist. When they were deemed ready for their début, each girl experienced the Cotillion…


She was pulled by her leash onto the stage. The glaring lights overhead momentarily blinded her and she lifted her hands to shield her eyes. Firm hands grabbed her wrists and jerked her arms to her side.

She blinked against the brightness only to then notice the announcer glaring at her. He jerked her leash. She stumbled at his yank but managed to navigate her way to a small bench. He guided her leash until she understood that she was to bend over the bench.

She panted in fear as she leaned, practically naked, over the small piece of furniture. A sharp crack rent the air and she jerked as a sting of pain seared her ass cheek. She shrieked as she was lashed a second time. Tingles spread across her bottom causing her to clench her legs together against the bench. She pressed her mons against the hard surface.

The din of noise from the jostling males became a muted background as she entered a state of pure sensation. Desire curled her toes and her blood ran hot at her lack of control and domination. Fear was still alive but it was now all part of the seductive package. Fright and anticipation ran neck and neck combining into a powerful cocktail of arousal.

Wide shoulders nestled between her legs and pushed her into the bench. She arched and spread her legs for balance. A tongue speared her pussy. Kylee shrieked as one of them nipped her ass sharply. Her hair was clenched painfully in a fist and her body was lifted in the air.

Strong arms surrounded her waist and pulled her back against a hard body. She felt his hard cock against her butt. A calloused hand cupped and lifted her breast. Another strong hand reached around from behind to attach clamps to her nipples. A chain dangled against her skin between the two clamps. She bit her lip to stop the scream that threatened to erupt. Ecstasy flowed through her body. The pull of the clamps on her nipples was piercing and erotic.
She was hefted around and pushed back into position over the bench. The clamps on her nipples dug further into her soft skin as her chest was pressed down against surface. The shimmying vibrator was removed from her slick pussy and stuffed into her mouth. She instinctively tried to push it out with her tongue but the vibrator strap was secured around her head. She could taste herself on the erotic toy.

After a brief tantalizing struggle, she was pulled to the ground on top of a blond, muscular male; the same dark-skinned man who attached her nipple clamps – a sign of ownership. Was this to be her new master? He was a sexy creature with long, dark blond hair, a strong jaw and dark skin. Mysterious, knowing eyes seemed to see through Kylee; straight to her soul. She gasped at his potency. He was tall with large limbs and looked like he could break her in half, she thought in a moment of clarity. Strangely, the unknown was a powerful aphrodisiac, she realized. Her new, dangerous master thrilled her.

Male hands still squeezed and caressed her but apparently the male below her won the bid because the bidding cadence halted. Kylee knew that occasionally the winner shared his bounty with the other males before the graduate became his property alone, forever. This must be the case because another man came down on top of her; pressing her onto the muscular male below.

The skin on skin contact exhilarated Kylee. The delicious training of the last three months finally made sense. She looked down into her new master’s dark eyes. His gaze smoldered; his look of possession sparked the feminine side of her that responded to a male’s authority.

Sophia Danu

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