BOOK EXCERPT: Taliff’s Cure by Bonnie Rose Leigh

Taliff’s Cure, my first release came out February 15th and made an

outstanding debut at eXtasy Books, ending at #2 on the Top Ten Bestseller list in February. It spent eighteen (18) straight weeks on the Top Ten List and was a Fictionwise Bestseller for erotica.

Liadan at Coffee Times Romance gave it an excellent review, saying in part:
Every page is filled with excitement unlike any I have read before. It kept me interested throughout. Excellent storytelling and characters.

You can read the entire review at: http://www.coffeetimeromance

Taliff’s Cure
By Bonnie Rose Leigh
Copyright 2007, eXtasy Books
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Eve Roberts is in trouble. All the males in her pride have started to pay attention to her every move, eyeing her as potential mate material. Problem is, she’s seen these men in action and she isn’t too impressed. She knows why the men are looking at her. She’s heading into this year’s heat cycle. She has to do something to thwart their attention. What she needs is a mate who will respect who she is and let her have her independence. What she gets is more than she bargained for.

Taliff Shi’Lan is on a mission. Find a mate and take her to his home—twenty light years away. The women of Chantrea, his home world, are no longer capable of giving birth to female children, so it’s up to the males to search the galaxy for their mates. He finds his on a backward planet called Earth. He expects to find a submissive mate—a woman to cater to his every need. What he gets is more than he bargained for.


They’d almost reached their destination when he noticed her steps falter and her free hand go to the back of her neck. “What’s wrong, Eve?”

“I don’t know. I just had the oddest feeling like someone evil was watching me. It must be my imagination, though.”

Taliff narrowed his eyes and glanced around the corridor, he didn’t see anything, but it was better to be sure then take unnecessary risks. “Shoshoni?”

“Yes, Commander Shi’Lan?”

“Have there been any transports on or off this ship since our prisoner escaped?”

“No, Commander.”

“And all the women are accounted for? No one managed to leave their rooms and are roaming the ship, are they?”


“How can she know where everyone is, Tal?”

“Besides the fact she can detect heat signatures through the thermal sensors everyone was tagged with tracking devices as soon as they were brought aboard the ship.”

“You mean, we were operated on? While unconscious and without our permission?”

He could hear the anger and even disillusionment in her voice, but he didn’t know what to say to set her at ease. “Moya, it was for your own protection. There’s no reason for this outrage.”

“So you say, but we are going to have a serious talk, and soon, Taliff.
There are a lot of things about your people and your customs that I find very upsetting.”

“Well, I can at least put you at ease a little. You weren’t operated on. You were given an injection. The tracker moves through your bloodstream and attaches to your brain stem.”

“Dammit, Tal. I don’t want to know the hows and whys of it. That just makes it sound worse.”

Okay, now her obstinacy was beginning to frustrate him. Did she just want to provoke him or was she really upset by what she’d heard? He could use their bond to find out but that somehow felt like an intrusion. He wanted her to tell him, felt she should tell him. And was that stupid or what? Goddess, he didn’t have time right now to sort this out. It, and all the other things they really needed to discuss, would have to wait.

He shrugged and pulled her to a stop in front of the only door on this end of the deck. He hadn’t lied when he told her it was large enough to double as a war room. “We’re here.”

She looked up at him and gave a crooked smile. “I guess that means we have to go in then, huh?”

He grunted, then smiled himself as he watched her nervously wipe her hands on her thighs. “Yes, moya. We have to go in.”

“All right. If we have to.”

He could hear both resignation and even a bit of fear in her voice and wondered at it, but when she didn’t say anything else and began to tap her foot somewhat impatiently, he figured he better stop procrastinating and get on with it.

As soon as they entered the dark room, Taliff knew something was wrong. If the absence of light hadn’t told him the room’s sensors were tampered with, then the fact that a stranger’s growl reverberated throughout a supposedly empty room would have.

Taliff pulled his mate behind his back, and faced the corner of the room where he knew someone lay in wait. As inconspicuously as possible, he reached for the communicator on his wrist and pressed the silent alarm. Now it was up to Shoshoni to get them out of this mess.

“Who’s here?”

“Why, Taliff, don’t you recognize me?”

The voice, although female, wasn’t the least bit familiar to him. He could feel the unease slither through his mate, but needed to focus on the stranger. “I can’t say that I do. Should I?”


“Enough of the games and show yourself,” he demanded. He wasn’t about to let anyone distract him, because he doubted this female, whoever she is, was alone.

When she stepped out into the light, Taliff gasped, and pain the likes of which he’d never known whipped through him. “They told me you were dead.”

Uncertainty and disillusionment blasted through his matebond. “Who is she, Taliff?”

“Yes, Taliff, tell her who I am. Or, who I am to you, anyway.”

~Bonnie Rose Leigh~

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