BOOK EXCERPT: SnowBound: Are We There, Yeti? by Celia Kyle

A road trip for love making?? My kind of trip! Find out what Sela and Yosi are up to in SnowBound: Are We There, Yeti? by Celia Kyle now available through Changeling Press, LLC!


Giving into his natural needs, Yosi travels with his wife to ice-covered mountains for some yeti-sized loving.


Sela stared at the blurring white landscape as their Hummer clawed through the ice and snow lining the road. He’d promised. He’d promised that last year was the last time they’d be doing this together and like the lovesick fool she was, she’d relented to his wishes again. Just because he was getting his way didn’t mean she couldn’t have a bit of fun at his expense.

The lower the temperature fell, the bigger he got. The telltale click of the driver’s seat being pushed back another notch echoed in the quiet vehicle.

“Are we there, Yeti?”

“Sela.” She heard the warning and ignored it.

“What? I said, are we there yet.”

Stretching her arm, Sela rested her hand on Yosi’s shoulder, stroking the now fur-covered skin. He snorted, but failed to comment further. Words were probably getting difficult now. The higher they traveled up the mountain, the more room he took up in their SUV and the closer he resembled his native form.

Looking out the window, Sela began to recognize the landscape. A few more minutes and they’d be at their cabin. Their cabin. Since their marriage two years ago, everything they’d owned separately they now shared. Sela wouldn’t have it any other way. After their first meeting in a meat locker, she hadn’t been able to get enough of the growing man beside her.

Reaching under her skirt, she wiggled out of her panties. What? They were from La Perla and she’d be damned if Yosi ripped these to shreds like the pair last year. Tucking them in the door pocket, she checked her snow boots, making sure they were fastened tight. That first year, running around in the snow barefoot… not fun. Tugging at the zipper on her jacket, she zipped it all the way up. Damn, she hated the cold. But oh how she loved her yeti… Yosi… whatever.

Sela loved what they were about to do even more. Her pussy felt full, heavy, beneath her thin skirt and she prayed that when she got up, a wet spot wouldn’t remain on the smooth leather. Nothing she could do about it now. Yosi would have to get over it if she stained the leather. Call it collateral damage.

Winding up the snow-covered path, their chain-wrapped tires demolished the snow as they neared their cabin. Sela unlocked the door. If he caught her too quickly it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as when he’d a chance to get a good run going and truly transform. Thoughts of what was soon to come sent a shiver through her body — and not from the cold.

Don’t wait grab your copy of SnowBound: Are We There, Yeti? by Celia Kyle now available through Changeling Press, LLC!

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