BOOK EXCERPT: Shopping Spree by Lynn Crain

Ever tried on clothes in a Boutique with a handsome man waiting outside to see to your every need? Ever been that man or wanted to be? Find out what happens when caution is thrown to the wind in Shopping Spree by Lynn Crain now available through eXtasy Books!

When Jonas watched a nude woman start to try on clothes in his exclusive women’s boutique, he didn’t know that her next item to try on would be…him.


Here he stood, mouth practically agape, spying on this woman in the mirror…this woman who had walked into his store, pulled a few things off the racks, went into the dressing rooms and stripped nude to try on the clothes she’d chosen. Totally nude. Not even a thong covered her ivory-skinned body.

He remembered her from the moment she had entered the shop and was glad that no one had seen him looking, because in reality, he had been drooling. Her long, honey-blonde hair was swept up, away from her neck, held by an intricate hair clip. Wisps curled around her face. She had eyes the color of an azure sea and he couldn’t ever remember seeing anything quite so beautiful. She was long of limb with perky breasts that strained against the cotton top she had arrived in.

Andshe stood in the dressing room of his posh clothing store. Nude.

Now why would anyone strip as naked-as-a-jaybird to try on his clothes?

“You know you’ll go blind,” a warm voice behind him quipped.

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