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Brandy, Damir and Kaylen are the final triad. Can the united triads defeat the hated Banarts and Hienials, or will the galaxy perish beneath the evil plague?

Sex Me All About
Triad Series book 6
Copyright 2007, eXtasy Books
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Brandy, adopted by a family of shifters from a faraway planet, has always dreamed of her perfect mate—a mythical magical dragon of Earth. During a daring rescue on a planet not their own. Brandy and her family find that her dragons aren’t as mythical as one would believe and she is stricken
speechless by the two males who shift and approach her entourage.

Dressed in the colors of his house, Damir sees the one woman he would take as mate, but she stands protected by another male–a Lioni shifter. Could he leave her with him or would he fight for her as he felt was his right?

As Kaylen approaches the beautiful woman who stopped the attack on his people, he wonders how she knew what they were. None of their people had left their planet for eons, until the females began to disappear. How could she know what they are and would she pose a danger to his people or just his


Brandy watched her brother’s mating ceremony, desire curling in the pit of her stomach. How she yearned for someone to love her as Kiri loved him. She didn’t begrudge him his match. Never that. Yet she couldn’t help the twinge of envy that speared her heart as they sealed their promises with a kiss. So like that of her own world. It seemed forever since Drace’s father had brought her here to live. Still, she hadn’t forgotten the customs on Earth.

A marriage ceremony was always followed with a kiss.

She sighed forlornly as she looked on. How would she ever manage to get through the celebration that would follow? The heir had found his mate.

There would be a great party to mark the event—and as usual—she would be alone.

Alone… She diverted her thoughts to the two handsome dragons.Too bad they were unable to attend the ceremony. She would have liked to have gotten a better view of that particular eye candy. She’d never seen two more handsome men in her life. Both were tall, exceptionally so, with long dark hair. Her one and only glance at them before she’d been shoved back into the transport was brief, but she knew the one who wore blue, had eyes the color of sapphires and the one in red had the greenest eyes. That they’d both been staring at her made her toes curl, then she’d learned they wouldn’t be attending the bonding and her spirits fell.

What she would give to have them show up here and sweep her away. To feel the way their rumbling voices made her skin prickle and the hair on her arms stand on end. Her clit throbbed at the mere thought of them and she wanted
to scream her frustration that she would never see them again. Her brothers were very protective of her. Only her mate or mates would ever get close enough for her to touch.

She followed the crowd until one of her brothers found her and dragged her up to the royal coach. She nearly laughed at that. The royal coach was a hovercraft almost the size of a football field back home. It had to be large—at least big enough to carry the entire royal family and their guards.
She boarded the large craft and strayed to the farthest end away from the happily mated Triads. It seemed that every new Triad blessed by the Lady Goddess was here.

Brandy looked out over the side at the swirling water beneath the craft and wished for someone, even one man to love her. Even though she knew her adopted family loved her, she still felt like an outsider. She was full human. She couldn’t change into another set of clothes if she wanted, without her maids standing there ready to dress her.

Have you heard the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’, young Brandy’?
Today is your twenty-fifth birthday. Have you, like everyone else, forgotten this day is special for you as well?

Brandy shrugged at the voice in her head. She’d heard the voice since she’d been a child. Either she was deranged, or it was her mind’s way of coping.
She rather liked to think it was the latter.

You know who I am. I think you have always known. For one glorious year I walked the earth as a flesh and blood woman. I loved a man. A human man…who loved me. A child was born of that union. A female child. She was given a gift. An amulet to wear around her neck every day of her life—the amulet
drew her power from her, her knowledge.

Everything she’d ever known, her daughter and her daughter’s daughter and down through the line—all they have ever known, is stored within the amulet.
You are the next female in the line, granddaughter. It is you who will help fulfill the Triad legacy. With your help and the help of the others, the Banart plague will end and the Hienials will finally become what they were meant to be.

“Wishful thinking, Brandy.” She blew the blonde bangs from her face and stared down into the crystal blue waters of the Lioni River. She watched the colorful stones as the ship passed beneath them and fingered her amulet,
which had grown warm. It was a warm day so it was easy to ignore the heat of the amulet as she had so often in the past. Soon, the sun would set and the air would cool and they would all be more comfortable.

It was full dark by the time they reached their destination. The mated Triads all departed the vessel first, behind her father and mother as was customary. Still she lingered behind, not wanting to join the festivities.
There was nothing for her there but loneliness constantly magnified by the joy of others. The last thing she wanted to do was bring her brother’s spirits down with her melancholy. This was his night. His time for celebration had finally come and she refused to begrudge him his happiness.

She hadn’t really wanted to be here, but she knew her presence would be missed and the last thing she wanted to do was hurt Drace’s feelings. She had nothing to do here. Nothing but watch everyone else have a good time
with their mates. Was she just supposed to stand and watch everyone else dance and have fun while she waited and observed from the sidelines, like some sort of wallflower?

She gazed at the newest Triad, staying hidden in the corner of the room farthest from the reception line. Soon the party would be in full swing and she would be able to slip out. Besides, who would miss her? The newest Triad—Drace, Kiri and Fury had just arrived moments ago with the other mated
Triads following not far behind, though from the heated looks on some of the males’ faces, they wouldn’t be staying long.

She sighed wistfully when she saw the rosy glow of happiness on Kiri’s face.
It wasn’t hard to see that they were happy. Obviously, their bonding ceremony had gone well. And she was happy for them. Truly she was.

Still, she couldn’t help but wonder what it felt like to be made love to by two men at the same time. Hellfire, she didn’t even know what it felt like to have one man make love to her. Drace and her other overprotective brothers chased away any male she’d ever shown any interest in. And, if any
male approached her without their permission, they were quickly run off sporting more than a few bruises. She couldn’t blame her brothers for wanting to protect her. She knew how few women there were. Still, she would have liked the opportunity to date. But, here on the Lioni home world dating
was an unknown concept. Either you were mates, or you were not. There was no in-between.

Seemingly a glutton for punishment, she stayed and watched as the three newlyweds moved out onto the dance floor, happy smiles on their faces. Kiri looked delighted, comfortable even, sandwiched between the two men. She sure had come a long way from the frightened woman she’d been only a few short weeks ago.

Unbidden, Brandy thought back to the dragon pair she’d seen last week. What had Drace said their names were—Damir and Kaylen? What perfect specimens of manhood! She shuddered. Just thinking about them caused gooseflesh to rise on her skin. She could picture herself with them—even envision herself sandwiched between the two males as they swayed to the slow music, pressing their large, hard bodies against her. Her pulse sped up. Her heart slammed
against her ribs as her empty channel clenched. She closed her eyes, trying to imagine the sound of their voices, the very timber and cadence as they spoke. Just the sound of their voices had brought her as close to an orgasm
as she’d ever been in her life.

“Would you care to dance with us, Mate?” The familiar, husky voice behind her sent even more goose bumps pebbling across her flesh. Cream spilled from between her thighs at the thought.

Yes, that’s what he would say. Damir, the one who wore blue had a voice that could bring a woman to her knees. Then she imagined the other, Kaylen repeating the phrase and she whimpered, wishing they were here. Wishing she was their mate and they had truly come to claim her. It wasn’t until she
felt a hand land on each of her shoulders that she realized that what she’d heard was no dream. The two dragons were here, standing just behind her.

Then, with a start, she realized what they had said. “Mate?” she squealed and spun around only to see the men she’d just been fantasizing about standing silently behind her with very pleased grins on their handsome faces.

Bonnie Rose Leigh

Sassy Brit

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