BOOK EXCERPT: Santa’s Elves by Lynn Crain

Three books in one? Who could ask for anything better?

Ever wonder what an Elf does when they are not working for Santa? Find out in Santa’s Elves by Lynn Crain featuring the books The View From Santa’s Sleigh, The Thing About Elves, and An Elf’s Desire all available through eXtasy Books!


The View From Santa’s Sleigh

On Christmas Eve, Tessa, very let down by love, is surprised to find herself comforted by the red-suited man himself. Thinking he is the figment of her slightly tipsy mind, she pours her heart out to him, hoping for just a little love, understanding, and the promise of a good sexual encounter. She gets more than she bargained for with an elf named Jedrick, and both get the Christmas present of a lifetime.

The Thing About Elves

Angie Marks comes to the North Pole for two reasons. First, she plans to help her best friend, Tessa, during the delivery of her twins. Second, she wants to prove to Ardan that an elf can have a lasting relationship with a human woman.

An Elf¢s Desire

What can an elven sex therapist do with an oversexed, untrained elf? Bed her of course. But, when Fearghus Brodie comes to the new country to meet the subject of the elven council¢s mandated training, he isn’t prepared to find young and very beautiful Aingeal Locklin. He doesn’t know what he expected, but she wasn’t it.

Aingeal knows exactly what she wants, and it is Fearghus. Can she convince him that she’s the woman for him before it is too late?

Don’t wait to get your copy of Santa’s Elves featuring three great books by Lynn Crain available through eXtasy Books!

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