BOOK EXCERPT: Sacrificial Sex~ Excerpt (PG)

Sacrificial Sex
by Laura Tolomei
Publisher: eXtasy Books.
Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Gay

By the author of DIVINITAS & TRESPASSING ALL HALLOWS EVE, Hinted and The Moon Priestess, all available at eXtasy book, a brand new novel.

Will the handsome stranger convince the bloodthirsty sorcerer to stop vicious human sacrifices? But can he afford to pay the price to fulfil his quest?


A young man, thrown in a primitive world where blood and sex are sacrificed to sanguinary gods in a vicious ritual, tries to stop the sorcerer from satisfying his own bloodlust and sexual cravings on innocent virgins. An intended victim himself, the handsome stranger will use sexual persuasion to gain his trust without revealing the truth behind the bloody offerings. But in his dangerous quest to save the virgins, Rowen will get more blood, sex and cruelty than he has
bargained for.

Excerpt PG

Mylos remembered clearly the first time he had seen Rowen. Tied like an animal, dragged by his neck, the blondish man had stood proudly in his office, gaze flashing and defying any of his attempts at submission. Usually, those who came to him, particularly if bound like Rowen, were terrified of the fate that might befall them. After all, to be in such close proximity of the well-known sorcerer in charge of ritual animal killings did not seem like a good start.

True, they had no clue about human sacrifices, but something about the place did not look too promising. Perhaps, the Blood Divine’s expression led on to the terrible end in sight or maybe, the lingering smell of fear penetrated their souls. Whatever the reason, they cowered under Mylos’s thorough inspection, eyes downcast and fear stinking from every pore.

Rowen, instead, had acted as if he did not care what Mylos might do to him. His grey gaze swept the room, then stopped on the Blood Divine, never wavering. In fact, Mylos had the distinct impression the young man was challenging his authority and enjoying every minute of it. And if Mylos had any doubts, his annoying smirk, which he would have loved to wipe out, clearly indicated the youth was making fun of his rank.

Mylos wanted to make another tart remark, but the words died in his throat. Rowen’s eyes sparkled as if openly calling him a coward. Mylos shook his head, unsure of what he saw. Rowen did not move an inch. His eyes did all the talking, clearly enjoying Mylos’s predicament. The Blood Divine wanted to tear them off, though the face was too interesting to ruin, but did not dare. Instead, they mocked him into an unprecedented decision. “Forget it,” he said abruptly, mostly angry with himself. “Leave him here.”

“Can I get my money, my lord?”
“Sure. Go.”
The scout quickly disappeared before Mylos changed his mind.
With a slow pace, the Blood Divine walked to Rowen and untied the ropes. It never occurred to him that the blondish man might be dangerous. His instinct said otherwise and Mylos trusted it. “What have you done to deserve this treatment?” he asked instead.
Rowen shrugged. “Nothing of importance.”
“Tell me,” Mylos ordered.
“Well, if you really must know…my father has a new mate, a young woman closer to my age than his. She…took a liking to me and my father didn’t want me around anymore.”
Mylos looked skeptical. “So your father didn’t like competitors in his bed.”
Rowen suppressed a smile. “Seeing where he sent me, I guess not.”
“Women are always trouble,” the Blood Divine retorted, “and those who like them get more than their share.”

Rowen took a step forward, his warm breath on Mylos’s face. “I don’t particularly like
them,” he objected huskily. “Actually, I’m quite…handy with whatever comes my way.”
Although he had no rational explanation, something about the young man deeply unsettled him so feeling too close for comfort, Mylos took a step back. “Your tricks are not going to come in…handy here, boy,” he warned coldly.

“Maybe not all,” the young man agreed, “but some are definitely useful.”
The Blood Divine eyed him suspiciously. “How would you know what’s useful in here? I bet you don’t even know what goes on in the Temple or what I do in it.”
“Oh, I know exactly what you do here,” Rowen said softly.




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