BOOK EXCERPT: R-rated m/m : Hunted, by Laura Tolomei


Laura Tolomei

A vicious predator brings bloody death to a peaceful village. On his hunt to stop the brutal killings, Kendryck will uncover truths best left hidden.

By Laura Tolomei
Included in eXtasy’s
Anthology Sanguinary Seducions
Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Shape Shifting
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By the author of DIVINITAS, TRESPASSING ALL HALLOWS EVE& Sacrificial Sex


Kendryck’s hunt of the vicious predator that is terrorizing the village brings him deep inside the forest where he meets Therry, an odd man who has choosen to live away from humans. As the hunt progresses, their friendship grows, soon turning into something more. But there are truths that Therry can reveal about Kendryck himself, which the hunter is not prepared to accept. But times is running out, so Kendryck will have to find the courage to face his deepest fears and confront the true beast.


“Are you sure they were chewed?” Kendryck asked, afraid of the answer. Images
from the other night’s dream flashed randomly in his mind, especially the parts where he had struck out with his knife. “I mean―” He cleared his throat before continuing. “Our predator has been quiet these past days, so why should it strike now?”
“I guess he was hungry,” the Chief said sarcastically, annoyed with Kendryck’s apparently stupid question.
“Then, it would have attacked an animal,” the hunter argued, “rather than a dangerous human being.”
“Kendryck, although inexperienced, we know the difference between animal and human remains. Without a doubt, our predator first assaulted, then killed that poor woman. Now, get out there and find this beast. I can’t take this pressure anymore.”

The team left the village, vowing to bring back the culprit, though many did not feel so optimistic. Kendryck, for one, had serious doubts about the new chain of events. Was it just a dream or was it real? Did I…could I…? he tortured his already battered soul while following the other team members in a dazed stupor. Confused and unsure, he could not honestly blame the predator for the bloody death. Yet, if I was really out there last night, the beast must have watched me from a distance, moving on the woman right after I finished with her, he reasoned. But why spare me? he wondered.

“Are you sure the predator killed the woman?” Kendryck insisted with another team member.
“Sure, I saw her. No man could have done…that to her.”
Not convinced, Kendryck ran inside the forest, heart thumping in his throat, while blood rushed to his ears shouting the awful doubt he could not ignore. He had to find a straight answer and only one place had it. He ran like a madman through the trees, his lungs bursting from lack of air, his muscles burning from the effort, until finally, he reached his destination.
The hut seemed empty, but Kendryck did not stop at the front door. With a shove, he broke through. Therry sat on the leather skins, waiting for him.

“What have you done to me?” Kendryck shouted, rushing at him.
The luminous green eyes watched him silently, displaying neither fear nor curiosity.
“Answer me!” Kendryck shouted angrily, frustrated by Therry’s silence.

Vowing to do some serious harm, the hunter did not break his run, but when he came up to the youth, he lost his impetus and fell down on his knees. “Why?”
he whispered instead.

Therry reached for the knife, laying by his side, and slid the sharp blade on his arm. A thin red line appeared on the white skin, tiny bloody droplet ebbing out before dripping down on the leather skin. Therry looked at it for a second, then turned his arm to Kendryck. The smell of fresh blood drove the hunter wild. Without thinking, he grabbed Therry’s arm and sucked the wound, his tongue avidly tracing its uneven edge.
This was the signal Therry had been waiting.



Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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