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LEGS is a Four Time Recommended Read


A rising star in the modeling and acting fields, Mallory Robbins, is captivated by Drew Stevens, the most beautiful man she has ever seen after he helps her out of an embarrassing entanglement with a drunken, would-be suitor. Her attraction for Drew is so great that she uncharacteristicall y spends that night joyously and blissfully making love with her newfound dreamlover—only to be later kidnapped, along with Drew and whisked to some unknown location.

The next morning, Mallory awakes having no memory of her whereabouts or the events leading to her being there. Enduring a severe headache, she becomes absolutely terrified when she catches a glimpse of herself in a dresser mirror wearing the authentic coverings, including a veil, of a devout Muslim woman. Things become even more confusing when a young woman, also dressed in traditional Arab garments, visits Mallory and informs her that she has been brought there to become Saudi Prince Ali’s fourth wife. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Thus begins a bizarre and sensuous odyssey, in which Mallory is scheduled to marry a Saudi Prince and Drew is in danger of being beheaded for soiling the Prince’s fiancé. Author’s warning: There is a scene in Legs, which includes a flashback to a gang rape.

Here is another excerpt from Legs, my highly acclaimed erotic/romance/ action/thriller.


Shortly after Robbie and Page left, a short, overweight, balding man, donning a garish sport coat that resembled squashed caterpillars, staggered toward Mallory. Spotting potential trouble afoot, she quickly grabbed her purse and slid off her stool, prepared to make a hasty
exit—too late.

“Hi, I’m Cly-de and I been-n washing you. Kin-n-n I buy you a…oops s-sorry!” The man was soused. He stumbled forward into Mallory, pushing her back onto the stool. The stool slid out from under her and they both crashed to the floor. His half-full martini glass rested on one of
Mallory’s breasts, the contents spilling forth while his face burrowed into her other breast. All eyes focused on the loud commotion and the room became so quiet, she could hear a pin drop. Trapped under the weight of the drunken man, Mallory yelled. “Get off of me you creep.” Suddenly, the weight was lifted off her, and a distinctive male voice said, “I think you’ve worn out your welcome here, buddy.”

Mallory looked up and saw the most beautiful man she’d ever seen lifting the drunk up on the tips of his toes, ready to propel him across the room in a less than friendly manner. Mortified, with the heat of a blush burning in her cheeks, Mallory quickly tugged her skimpy skirt back down over her thighs, covering her momentarily exposed pink panties. “Are you all right ma’am?” the man asked, smiling as he reached a hand down to help her up. Mallory was a little embarrassed and a lot in awe. She took his strong masculine hand. On her feet, straightening up her clothing, she noticed a large wet spot. She smiled shyly at the hunk, but instead of answering him, she asked the girl on the next stool to save her spot while she went to the Ladies Room.


After seven or eight minutes in the restroom combing her hair and reapplying her makeup, Mallory returned. As she had hoped, the sexy man was still there and now occupied Paige’s seat. He hadn’t noticed her return and she studied his appearance in the back-bar mirror. His dark
wavy hair enhanced his full oval face with high cheek bones and a strong jaw. His dark and mysterious eyes and his classic Roman nose made Mallory think of a god. She could also tell his shoulders filled the cut his tan sport coat nicely. She loved what she saw, and decided to stick around.

Slowly taking her seat, she continued to study him. He was engrossed a basketball game on the TV behind the heavily neon-lit bar. He looked familiar. Then Mallory realized the man she had briefly locked eyes with, across the room had come to her rescue and was now sitting next
to her.

Mallory put her hand on his arm and said, “Excuse me.”

His eyes sparkled when he saw her. “Hi. You’re still here. I thought you might have left. Are you all right?”

“Yes. I want to thank you for helping me. That was kind of you.”

“My card,”

He was smiling. He had a fabulous smile, warm brown eyes with a glint of mischief, white teeth, along with perfect olive skin and a cleft chin. Expecting the card to be the business card of a successful lawyer or doctor from nearby Beverly Hills, she gave him her most engaging smile and accepted the card.

Tearing her eyes away from his dreamy face, she read bold letters printed across the center.

Mallory’s jaw dropped.
Legs is available now from eXtasy Books.

Dee Dawning Erotic romance for the naughty streak in all of us!


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