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Title: Restraint
Author: Debra Glass
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419915840

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Once renowned for training frigid wives and shy mistresses in the art of love making, Thomas Collins has been approached by the Duke of Wallingford to train his bashful fiancée. The Duke has but one request. Thomas is to save the cherry for him. Much to an unwitting Catherine’s surprise, she finds herself blindfolded and bound to a bed, bound to a stranger she knows only by touch and bound for the love of a lifetime. But when Thomas sets out to train Catherine to respond to any and everything the sadistic Duke might have in store for her, he discovers he must employ every ounce of restraint he possesses to keep from bedding the lovely captive who
has stolen his heart.

Reviewed by Anne Boling for
5 Stars
Deliciously wicked…
Catherine was turning out to be a delightful pupil. Thomas had never cared for the Duke of Wallingford, but agreed to train the man’s fiancé. Could he return her to the Duke?
This is a deliciously sensual story. The plot is hot and steamy. The characters are well- developed. Fans of Romantica® will love Restraint.


“Do not be afraid, Lady Catherine. You will not be harmed.”

The reassuring, resonant voice did little to alleviate her fears. She swallowed. Her mind raced with possibilities, all of which were bad. She was naked. Totally naked. And totally at the mercy of this stranger. And all too aware that whoever he was, he could see everything. Everything.
Despite her state of undress, she refused to show her fear. She would not. She would bargain with her captor and secure her release when he discovered her lofty connections. She jerked her chin toward the voice.

“My fiancé is the Duke of Wallingford. I’m certain he will pay an exorbitant amount for my release.”

“Your fiancé is who sent you to me.” The voice was low and velvety. Catherine froze. Chills swept down her body.

“I don’t believe you.”

But even as she uttered the words, she thought back over what had happened-the odd gleam in Robert’s eyes, the encouragement to finish her drink. It all made perfect, horrific sense. The bed sank and she felt a hard thigh encased in rough linen press against hers. Panic surged. Her captor’s heat radiated through his clothing, making her all too conscious of how vulnerable she was.

The idea that this man-this stranger-was looking upon her filled her with emotions she did not comprehend. Fear, alarm and, strangely, excitement thrummed through her naked body.

“Robert tells me you are unresponsive to his romantic overtures. He wants me to teach you.” Catherine gasped. A hot blush of shame rushed to her cheeks followed quickly by a burst of anger. She tensed against the bonds.

“Sir, I am first and foremost a lady. I will not submit to such a dreadful thing!”

“Very well. I will not do anything you do not want me to do.”
She relaxed but only a little. She was still unclothed and tied and veritably at this man’s mercy. The idea of it was nearly overwhelming. It was intolerable.

“Untie me. Give me my clothes,” she said, jerking her chin at her unseen captor.
“I said I would not do anything you didn’t want me to do. But I will not untie you. Your fiancé has retained me to teach you for two weeks.”
“You cannot leave me here for two weeks!” The panic that filled her voice
surprised her. How dare Robert do this to her! How dare he!

She squeezed her eyes shut against the tears that threatened to fall. She hated him. More than ever, she hated him. Her parents had arranged her marriage to him and she had reluctantly consented after discovering that her father was practically destitute and on the verge of losing everything. It was her duty to marry him. Still, she had never dreamed Robert would stoop to such depths. He had always been impatient and eager when they were alone together. And thus far, she had thwarted his attempts to kiss and fondle her. Sex was something shameful. Something she did not want to think about. And dear Lord, she had never been unclothed this long in her life. In this condition, she could not bear for this strange man to be in the same room with her any longer.

She tried to swallow against the lump in her throat. “Please don’t do this. Please release me.”

“I will,” he said and her heart leapt. Only to come crashing back down when he uttered, “In two weeks, Catherine.”

Note to readers:

Restraint was the first erotic romance I wrote but not the first to be published. My inspiration came from Madonna’s song, Erotica. I set the story in Victorian England on a lush country estate. The hero is an older man, a reformed rake who lost his wife to long drawn-out illness. The heroine is a young woman on the verge of a sexual awakening. Restraint is full of sexual tension but the love story is sentimental and touching. If you like to read highly erotic love stories, you’ll love Restraint!

Debra Glass

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