BOOK EXCERPT: New Ickford Manor – Anthony Stevens – Lyrical Press – Excerpt Rated ‘G’

As she entered the small home, the brute was behind the door. She had thought something smelled wrong but was too happy at being in familiar surroundings to pay much attention.

A sharp blade pressed tight to her throat, and a rough hand came over her mouth before she could react.

“Quiet now, lass, or you’re dead. Understood?” He whispered roughly into her ear.

She only nodded, terrified.

“There, there, lass. Be still and Ol’ Ruff will be nice to yer.” He pulled her farther into the room and quickly roped her into a very tight hog-tie. She was helpless once more, with a mouthful of cloth wrapped tightly into a gag. Her assailant stepped over to the window and peeked between the half-open shutter.

With Ruff looking outside, she thought hard on what she could do. There wasn’t much, except to scream a warning as soon as Master approached close enough to hear. He was much bigger and stronger than the brigand at the door, and forewarned, he would save them both.

She didn’t want to attract Ruff’s attention any more than needed. Perhaps he would just forget she was there when Master approached. A few long, quiet minutes passed and then there were heavy footsteps at the door. When it started to open, the young slave squealed as long and hard as the simple gag would permit.

Ol’ Ruff turned and smiled at her. She didn’t understand why until she realized the footsteps weren’t Master’s. Tears of horror and frustration clouded her vision when she saw another stranger enter with Master’s limp form over his shoulder.

Anthony Stevens

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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