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Emily was huddled in a ball at the foot of the stairs. Between shrieks she sobbed hysterically and pointed at the door. Kari had only taken time enough to leave Rascal safely in the apartment before she followed Steven although she stopped several feet away with a grimace on her face and winced each time Emily shrieked. Just as they reached her Edward, still in his pajamas, reached the head of the stairs.

He had to shout to be heard over Emily’s screams. “What is wrong?” Steven shook his head and knelt in front of her. “Did you fall?” he asked gently.
“Shake her and stop that horrid noise,” Edward shouted as he jogged down the stairs.
Caroleigh arrived at the head of the stairs with a different idea. “Slap her” she ordered. She followed Edward with a cloud of purple chignon floating around her from her choice of sleeping apparel. “And stop that awful racket.

Steven did neither. He took Emily firmly by the shoulders. “Emily, look at me and tell me what happened.”
“Man,” Emily screamed pointing again at the door.
“There was someone here?”
“Bloody,” she wailed between sobs. “And…and his… his arm was missing.”
Steven twisted to look at the door. He looked at the spotless marble floor.
Last he looked at Edward. Edward shrugged. He’d looked the same places Steven had and had seen nothing as well.
Edward asked of Caroleigh, “Does she see things, love?”
“Obviously she has,” she answered indifferently. “The last time she behaved this way it was a spider.”
“Did it have missing limbs as well?”
Caroleigh gave him a look of annoyance and moved closer. “Emily, stand up and stop this nonsense.” That was accomplished only with Steven and Edward’s help. Emily shook and
gasped. Evelyn, the last to arrive at the head of the stairs, stayed there to ask,
Whatever has happened?”

“It would seem,” Edward answered, “Emily has seen a spook.” He turned to Kari who still stood off to the side. “Do you have spooks, love?” Since she still stared intently at Emily without answering, he added, “Ghosts, specters-?” “Stop explaining everything to her,” Caroleigh snapped. “Kari, go fix some tea.”
“Ah, the famous cure all. Personally, I would rather have a valium,” Edward drawled.”

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