BOOK EXCERPT: Mark of the Blood by Cynnara Tregarth

Marauders Book 1- Mark of the Blood by Cynnara Tregarth

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Blurb: Worlds collide as Kirstie Blake and Marauder Dr. Niam Maraigh meet as he hunts down a rabid rapist. After saving Kirstie from the man’s attempted attack, Niam vanishes, his body and soul afire with thoughts of the young consultant. Yet, the hand of Morrigu hasn’t finished with these two as Kirstie’s best friend is beaten and raped, forcing Kirstie to seek the services of psychotherapist, Dr. Maraigh. When they meet once again under these circumstances, they sense they are kindred spirit.

Bent on bringing the attacker to justice, Kirstie seeks to find this rapist before he finds another victim. For Niam, the only way he can help ease the pain of his patients, almost all exclusively emotional and physical trauma victims, is to take vengeance in their behalf. When he rescues
Kirstie from one of the storm and war god, Taranis’ minions, Niam is forced to reveal his true nature to the woman as both an ancient Druid and an energy vampire.

Can they capture the serial rapist before he continues his rampage? More importantly, will Kirstie and Niam learn that together they can defeat the powers of evil and the curse of the goddess by their love and The Mark of the Blood?


Niam Maraigh looked at the woman before him as his hand extended to grip hers. Though she had some abrasions, she didn’t seem to be truly hurt, just stunned at what had almost happened. Her loose ponytail had come undone when she’d been attacked, allowing her chestnut hair to brush her shoulders. Carefully, he poked at her mentally, gauging her emotional reactions, only to be surprised that he could barely penetrate her mental shielding. This enigmatic woman was trained in basic psychic protection techniques. His gaze slid towards her face and he smiled as her piercing blue gaze shone with intelligence and understanding. This was no one’s victim.

As their hands touched, something primal seemed to grasp them both, linking them in a way that Niam hadn’t ever felt before. Suddenly, he was aware of her on a level that delved beyond the physical, mental, or emotional — this woman was someone important; her soul called to his, but how? Her soft gasp knocked him out of the link, and Niam found himself holding Kirstie against his chest, his hands rubbing her back, encouraging her to release the emotions that were finally peaking now that the terror had ended. He felt her emotions bubble forth as the first soft sobs escaped from her soul, escaping past her lips.. Comforting her with soft, compassionate caresses, Niam spoke softly to her, his Gaelic accent comforting her as his talent of empathically easing pain helped her to regain control. Something feltright about her being in his embrace. A shudder ran through his body as foreign feelings surged through his body. Feelings of
protectiveness, desire, and yearning — things he thought he wouldn’t feel about any woman, ever.

When she regained her composure, Kirstie stepped back. “I don’t know what came over me. I guess…”

Niam smiled at her then kissed the hand he held. “It’s okay, I do understand. You go on home. I’ll call the police and have them take care of this guy.”

Kirstie shook her head. “I can’t do that. They’ll need my statement.”

Niam squeezed her hand and lowered his voice, allowing a bit of his vampiric ability to help convince her. “It’s okay. I’ve done some work for them before, so they know me. I’ll give them your name and address. They can interview you in the morning, since the man didn’t finish what he’d planned. You can be in a safe place when you give your statement. “

He watched as she mentally debated going home. Her emotions were ringing in his mind, just as they played across her face. This woman wanted to listen to his words and hole up, but at the same time, she knew she had a duty to give her report on the crime committed against her. A minute later, he saw her body and mind shift into decision-making mode. “Are you sure it’ll be okay?”

Niam nodded as he took out a tiny notebook and pen from his back pocket. “I’m positive. The guys who are in charge of things like this would prefer you to feel safe as you give your statement. What’s your name?”

“Kirstie Blake. I live at 502 West Central Plaza, apartment 203. I’m in the phone book if they need to call me..”

He followed her gaze as it went to the utility pole and the trussed-up attacker under it. Her body twitched as the unconscious man groaned and shifted positions. Kirstie took an unconscious step back from the scene; her gaze locked as fear filled the air around them both.

Niam stepped closer, blocking her view. She looked up at her shadowy rescuer, relief showing in her cerulean gaze. “Before I leave, there’s something I need to know. What’s your name? You know mine. Let me guess, it’s probably not Batman.”

A deep chuckle erupted from Niam. “No, I’m not the Caped Crusader. My name’s Niam.”
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