BOOK EXCERPT: Love in Waiting ~ Cerridwen Press

Travel back in time? Is it possible? Where would you want to go?

For Jayne Seatoun, history was about to unfold…and her future.


Jane Beckenham

Publisher: Cerridwen Press

Release date: 31 July 2008

ISBN 978 14199 17653

Excerpt Two

“Don’t go, Jayne.”

She should have run. Right there and then. Got up, hitched up her skirt and got her tail right out of the decaying remnant of history.

But oh no. She, the girl with stories in her head, the girl with dreams and fantasies that if she’d recited would have labeled her more than simply whimsical.

Instead, she dropped her cheek against the stone again, fingers caressing its textured surface, teased by the almost yearning call she heard in the ghostly voice.

“I’m here,” she whispered, surprised at her response, though certain they were the correct words.

For Jayne, history came from books, but the moment she stepped off the plane at Heathrow after too many hours in the air, England’s history had come alive beneath every footstep she took over cobbled stones, rounded and smooth by so many feet and hundreds of years. And now, as never before, that feeling stayed with her. She closed her eyes for a moment, imagining she could hear those same footsteps, the sound of children running, horses and carts, farmers going to market. Lives lived and loved, one after the other.


“Never forgotten, Jayne.”

Her eyes flashed open, her gaze searching the room. Again.

Still nothing. A deep-seated sadness enveloped her, insinuating itself into her bones, tears filling her eyes. She blinked repeatedly, though not before a single teardrop trailed a solitary path down her cheek.

Rubbing the back of her hand against her cheek she battled to douse her melancholy. She should be happy. Wasn’t this her dream?

She had entered a competition. Her…Jayne Seatoun who never tried anything had taken a risk…and won the chance to travel to England and visit historic sights, be surrounded by the past. Instead of simply reading about it, history had jumped from the page.

Yet, a gloomy sense of loss threatened to over take her. She gritted her teeth. She wouldn’t be sad. Had no reason to be, though couldn’t deny the overwhelming tug of loss and grief taking hold of her. She hugged her bag tighter and stared up at the dilapidated ceiling. The night sky had lightened considerably as the colors of the rainbow from the comet’s tail spanned the horizon.

She sucked in a lungful of air. In. Out. And again. And again…until finally she could breathe and inch by inch the knot of tension in her stomach evaporated, replaced by a deep calm that wrapped her in its soothing embrace.

Echoing in the distance were the excited shouts of revelers come to see the rare phenomenon.

“Come to me, Jayne. I’m waiting.”

“Where? Where do I go?” Good Lord, did she really reply?

“I’m here. I need you. We need you.”

“Where?” she repeated. Damn it…where? And who?

She was definitely crazy. Certifiable. She knew that, but couldn’t help herself. She spun around the room. Left. Right. Searching. Seeking. Where was he? Where did he want her to go? Who was he?

Suddenly, lights arced across the star-studded heavens in a blaze of glory; a nighttime rainbow of every color melding into one until the night metamorphosed into light as bright as any new day. The vibrant display lit the small crypt as if someone set aflame a thousand candles.

“I’m here.”


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