Title: Lorna’s Gigolo
Author: Fawn Lowery
Publisher: Lady Aibell Press
Genre: Contemporary
Category: Romance
Rating: Erotic
Cover Art By: Stella Price
Edited by: Jana J. Hanson

Blurb: Lorna Adams plans to celebrate her 28th birthday alone, until her friends pool their money and send her a present–a male escort they found on the internet. When she opens the door to Ramon, she realizes the night will be anything but boring. He is tall, dark, and gorgeous–and toting a little black bag of sex toys. Reasons for celebrating alone suddenly fly out the window when erotic sensations transform a dreary celebration into a sex-filled adventure.

Holy crap, Lorna thought as Ramon stepped into the house. Without hesitation, he aimed his feet toward the kitchen as though he knew exactly where he was going. Lorna watched, dumbfounded, until she finally made herself close the door and follow him through the foyer into the back of the house. He proceeded to deposit his hefty bag of groceries on the granite countertop and then began inspecting the room.

“An excellent working kitchen,” he remarked, taking in the stainless steel appliances and the ample island setting in the center of the large room. “Beautifully designed.”

Lorna stared at him. Magnificent and a bit comical in his purple satin shirt and skin-tight bike shorts, there was little room for the imagination to wander. his buttocks were tight and muscular, and his cock appeared more than ample for a man his size. She considered for a moment, her eyes fixed on his crotch. What was it they said about the size of a man’s feet in proportion to his penis? She sucked in a quick breath and forced her mind to stop assessing Ramon’s butt. He had crossed the kitchen and was busy depositing some of the food items he had brought into the refrigerator.

“This is rather awkward,” Lorna began, smiling nervously as she walked in his direction. Arranging the words in her head, she prepared to send Ramon on his way. Great butt or not, she was in no mood to be entertained.

Ramon glanced at her over his right shoulder, his black hair flying about his head as he turned. “Please don’t say you have other plans,” he crooned, flashing a dazzling white smile. He closed the refrigerator door once he placed the carton of strawberries and the magnum of champagne on the top shelf, and went to retrieve something from his leather tote. in the next second, he extracted a portable radio and pushed a button on its top. Instantly, heart-thumping drum music blared into the room.

Lorna realized she would have to shout her intentions to Ramon if she was to be heard but then he startled her again when he began moving to the beat of the music. His lithe body gyrated in a sensual rocking motion; his pelvis wiggled back and forth. She raised one hand to cover the smile that suddenly sprang to her lips. Holy cow! His hunching movements made her think of Pokey, Mark Louden’s horny dog.

Ramon gyrated across the floor, his body in perfect rhythm with the music as he stripped out of his satin shirt, baring a beautifully muscled chest. Lorna’s lower jaw dropped and the music seemed to intensify, growing louder with each sway of Ramon’s hips. Mesmerized, she couldn’t take her eyes off him–suddenly she admitted she didn’t want to . For the first time in months, she felt her emotions spring alive.

Sassy Brit

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