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In this Cajun Erotica series, you’ll meet the Horville family, a tight knit Cajun clan. Some have secrets and urges they try to hide or feelings they try to deny, but when the members of this family find love, they’ll protect that love and those loved ones with every fiber of their beings. If you like your males alpha, check out the Horville brothers. The sister is no one to trifle with either.

Take a trip to Cajun country, where the weather may be hot, but the men & women are SIZZLIN’! *wg*

Meet Carrie Horville:

What’s an outwardly fearless, inwardly insecure girl to do when her first foray into romantic love is met with heartbreak, humiliation, and betrayal? Does she hide her feelings behind a prim, proper, and competent façade or does she take a leap of faith to fulfill her hidden longing for true love?

When Tanner Sandoval storms into Carrie Horville’s life in the middle of a life and death situation, her long-denied `sixth sense’ goes wild. Carrie’s `feelings’ and dreams have always preceded changes in her life and the lives of those she loves. So the unwelcome intrusion of this stranger to Carrie can only signal bad changes, because from the start these two are fighting. For control? Or are they really fighting the spine-tingling, shiver-inducing sexual attraction they feel each time they come close to each other? And Tanner, confident man he is, is more than a match for the willful and feisty female sibling of the close-knit Horville clan.

Despite Carrie’s resistance to the flustering physical attraction she feels for Tanner, on the evening of her brother’s wedding, she makes a rare, impulsive decision. One that may change her life, forever. Carrie offers Tanner an erotic alternative to a romantic relationship. No talk of love, no commitments, just sex. Can Tanner convince Carrie to fight her fears and trust him to be the man of her dreams? Or will her fears ruin their tenuous relationship beyond repair?

Excerpt #1

Set up: Carrie Horville & Tanner Sandoval are taking part in Luke and Jessie’s traditional Cajun wedding dance. They are doing their best to keep their normally volatile relationship in check to prevent making a scene in front of family and friends.

Excerpt # 1 HURRICANE WINDS, Cajun Erotica Book 4

“Can you believe they fell so quickly?” Tanner asked next to her.

“No. I never thought Luke would fall that fast. Like a bolt of lightning hit him.”

“I’ve heard it can happen that way sometimes,” Tanner mentioned in observation, as the two of them watched the slowly moving couple on the dance floor. “How about you? Have you ever been in love, Carrie?”

Carrie was so surprised at the intimacy of his question; she didn’t know what to say. Since when had her love life become of interest to him? Most times, they were so at odds with each other they could barely be civil.

“Not seriously,” she admitted, but turned her face away from the probing green gaze that went so well with his honey blond hair and tanned skin. Tanner was as tall as most of her brothers, which even made the five feet eleven inch Carrie have to look up to gaze into those disturbingly attractive eyes. Damn him!

“Not seriously? What exactly does that mean?” Obviously, she’d peaked his interest. That was the last thing she’d wanted to do!

Quickly, Carrie scanned the dance floor, looking for a means of escape. Had Luke had an unmarried older brother, said brother would have dancing with a broom to look forward to during the next song, thus pronouncing his unmarried state, and usually coming up with antics to set the wedding guests howling with laughter.

Finally, the money dance began. The married couple’s family and friends pinned money on the bride’s veil and the groom’s tux. Before she was forced to answer Tanner’s question, Carrie rushed toward Luke, as if he were her lifeline.

“Me, please,” Carrie waved her hand at Luke as she skidded to a halt on the cornmeal- sprinkled floor, done to make it easier for the couples to slide in the turns and spins of the French jitterbug dances.

Luke’s eyes were knowing as he grinned at her, then looked behind her to where she’d left Tanner standing on the edge of the dance floor. She knew Luke would have something to say about her running from Tanner. Carrie grimaced, but moved forward as her cousin, Berty, stepped aside with a laugh to let her have the first few minutes of the dance. It was a short respite, but long enough for her to regain her composure, before she had to face Tanner and his probing questions again.

Carefully, she pinned the bills she’d been holding since the march to her brother’s lapel, as she felt him gazing down at her.
“Running, little sister?” he asked.

Carrie gave a rude snort. “Ha! That’ll be the day when I run from the likes of Tanner Sandoval!” She did keep her voice down, though.

Luke opened his arms and Carrie moved into them. “You know I love ya, don’t ya, sis?”

Of course, she knew he loved her. Though it did surprise her that he’d given into the infrequent urge to tell her so. Sometimes she blamed herself. She’d never been an emotional girl. But she knew her brothers were aware of how much she cared for them, just by how protective she was of the lot of them. That had always been her way of showing affection.

Swallowing, Carrie moved to the music while held safely in her brother’s arms. “Of course, Luke. And…eh…I love you, too.”

She felt the gentle rub of one of his large hands on her back. He must have realized how hard it was for her to express her feelings. “Are we going to have to move Tanner?”

Carrie stumbled. Her feet would have slid right out from under her if Luke had not held her steady. “What?” Black eyes, so similar in color to her own, gazed back at her.

When she meant to pull away, Luke held her close to prevent her from making a scene. “Well, I had hoped you and he would have come to terms by now. But it’s like you can’t even stand to be in the same room with him.”

Did it really appear as though she couldn’t stand to be near Tanner? It wasn’t for the exact reasons her brother suspected. Yes, he aggravated her, but he also intrigued her. Not that she would admit that to another living soul. Ever. Nor could she admit it to the brothers she adored. She was surprised she could even admit it to herself. Never before had she felt so…well…alive, as she felt in Tanner’s presence. That’s why his disapproval of the way she protected Corey stung so much.

If Tanner had any inkling of feeling for her, he would understand her motivation. Being that he didn’t, told her he really didn’t have feelings for her. Besides, she’d been bitten once by making the mistake of getting involved with someone she worked with, and had vowed never to do it again.

Shaking her head, Carrie told him, “No, Luke, that’s not necessary. I’ll just do my best to keep out of his way.”

“Why? Why do you need to keep out of his way?” Luke moved surprisingly well for a man not keen on dancing. “Tanner is a great guy. I’d have seen through him by now if he wasn’t.”

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “We just rub each other the wrong way, for some reason.”

She could feel Luke’s head turn toward where she’d last seen Tanner. Luke twirled her, so she could see him, too. Lo and behold, there he was with his adoring fans—the two twittering cashiers from the shop, hanging on his every word.

“Did you just growl?” Luke asked in surprise, looking down into her face.

“What! Of course not!” she insisted in a hushed voice.

“Well, I’ll be damned!”

“You’ll be damned what?” Carrie narrowed her eyes at him.

“All this time, I thought you hated his guts,” Luke stopped moving as cousin Berty moved back in for her turn to dance with him. Before she could deny his words, he threw her an infuriating and understanding brotherly grin, before turning to accept Berty’s offering and whirling her away for her turn, leaving Carrie stunned and speechless.

What the hell was he talking about?

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