BOOK EXCERPT: `Gin and Tonic’

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My short story `Gin and Tonic’ is available again. It is part of the digest Summer Sensations 2. Find it here: and my erotic Science
Fiction novella `Outpost Epsilon’ has also been released. Read the first chapter at Visit my blog and find out about a free download.
Herbert Grosshans
Science Fiction with a dash of Erotica

Here is another excerpt from Outpost Epsilon:

Two Bugeyes came shortly after noon. This time they spoke to Stonewall. He could hear them clearly inside his head. Come with us. As if reading his thoughts, the creature said, Your
companions will be safe. He followed them reluctantly.

They walked down the tunnel they had come through the night before. Then they turned into another side-tunnel. It ended in a large room with a high ceiling. Stonewall suppressed a shout of surprise when he entered the room. He had stepped into a garden. A pool in the middle held clear water that came bubbling out of a hole in the wall. Softly glowing shrubs grew from the ground, which was covered by a carpet of soft moss-like vegetation. The water is refreshing and cleansing. The Queen wants you to cleanse your body.

They turned and left him standing alone. He walked into the room, toward the pool, bent down and put his hand into the water. It could be acid, as far as he knew. He didn’t trust these giant bugs. The water felt cool but not cold. He pulled the boots from his aching feet, and then he undressed. Naked, he stepped into the cool water, and slowly, he sank into the welcoming liquid.
Immersing his whole body, he lay there, relaxed and with his eyes closed. Well, this was more like it. Life was great. The sound of soft footsteps had him opening his eyes. He sat up with a start when he saw the figure walking towards him.
“No,” he yelled, “that is not possible. You can’t be here.”
“Hello, Terrex,” she said with her soft voice, opening her robe.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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