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Hi there. I’m a rookie writer whose first book, “Liberation,” is still available from Lavender Isis Press:

This is what I’d call a “sweet action romance,” a very old fashioned
style romance book where love mingles with cliffhanger action. That’s the kind of story I like to write; and since it’s “clean,” and the major characters are teenagers, it’s perfectly suited for Young Adults.

I’ve had a hard time selecting scenes for excerpts, because the book has so many surprises it’s difficult to promo without giving away my “money shots.” For today I’ve selected a tense scene between some of the book’s “baddies,” to give readers an idea of the kind of pulse-pounding suspense you’ll find in “Liberation.”

PLOT UP TO THIS POINT: In the year 1976, teenage Arab immigrant Rama Chandra moves with his family to Sunbeam Township, a small suburb on the shores of Lake Michigan. There he meets and falls in love with Bess Hawkins, an orphan teen who’s the ward of her wicked uncle, Jason Trask, (aka “The Commodore”) the richest man in town. Finding out that Trask
has been beating Bess, Rama gives her refuge at his farm-like estate in the countryside. Jason orders Rama’s arrest, and forces Bess to come with him to his yacht at the town docks.


In her brown bell-bottom pants it was no easy matter peddling a bicycle,
but Loretta didn’t take time to change. She sped all the way from the
mansion to town within forty minutes, and spent the next hour at city
hall and the police station. Finished there, she peddled at her fastest
pace to the waterfront, almost colliding with pedestrians she bypassed.
A few people yelled angry things at her as she went by–something no one
in town ever dared to do before.

Her father’s boat sat docked the same place it was the day Rama arrived.
With all the fairground stuff taken away, the park looked pretty much
the same too. The only difference was the rougher waves; a hard breeze
blowing in from the lake’s center was making the waters churn. This
wind cooled the skin exposed by Loretta’s reddish halter-top, but did
nothing to calm her frayed nerves.

Halting the bike, she jumped off and let it fall on the pier deck, then
dashed madly to the yacht’s gangplank. Brad stood around at the end of
the plank, his blackened eyes concealed behind dark sunglasses. But
there was no concealing his body language. Fear entered his coddled
life for the first time, and he wasn’t comfortable with it.

“Am I glad to see you,” he told his sister. “I need company. People
been walkin’ past cussin’ at me. Can you imagine that?” He saw the
bike. “Where’s the limo? How come George didn’t drive you down?”

“Because he quit, that’s why!” Loretta said shrilly. “All the servants
have quit–even Matilda! Why, she spit on me before she left! And she
said they’re not coming back!”

“They ain’t the only ones who’ve quit. The crew Dad hired for this
rowboat walked out on him. They wouldn’t stay on after he dragged the
girl aboard. She was screamin’, fightin’…” Brad rubbed his sweaty
throat. “Sis, I could use a drink right now.”

“Hang on a bit longer, little brother. I’ll buy us both a six pack
when it’s all over!” She put her hands on his shoulders. “Look, we may
have caused that ruckus at the fair, but we’ve got nothing to do with

Brad gestured toward the small band of onlookers gathered at the nearest
street corner. “Tell it to them! They keep starin’ at the boat!
That’s why Dad put me on guard.”

“Where is Dad–on deck?” When her brother nodded, she scrambled up the
plank. Her father was busy examining a throttle and other instruments
next to the wooden steering wheel. Loretta was astounded that he could
be so oblivious to what was going on around him.

“It’s about time,” he grunted on seeing her. “I sent for you hours

“George quit, Dad! And I couldn’t find keys to the limo.” She got
closer to him. “Our whole staff quit when I told them you had Rama
thrown in jail.”

Jason kept adjusting the instruments. “Good riddance to the
lot of ’em. We’ll hire new servants once we get back from

“Cleveland? What the hell do we need to go off to Cleveland for?”

“There’s a psychiatrist there, who’s done some work on these
brainwashing cases. He calls it ‘deprogramming.’ I’m takin’ Bess to

Loretta didn’t believe her ears. “You’re the one who
needs a shrink!” She pointed at the crowd at the corner. “See
that? It’s only been two hours, but already the whole town knows you
got the girl on board. The only thing holding them back is fear, and
that won’t last much longer!”

“They got no say in it. I have the law on my side.”

“What law? I just came from the police station. Even the
cops think you’re crazy! They can’t hold Rama for defending
his home–especially when they had no warrant to be there! The
mayor’s raising hell, and now the Chief’s sent for Judge
Meyers. By the time they hash this out, you’ll lose custody over
Bess. Wise up, Dad! If the girl wants to marry Rama so bad, than
let her stay with him!”

At last he faced her. “That’s funny talk comin’ from you.
The way I heard the story, you wanted the Arab’s head on a platter!”

“That was two days ago. I was so ticked at Rama for ditchin’
me I couldn’t see straight. But I’ve had time to think it over, and now
I’ve got a new idea–“

Jason walked past her, checking out line and other things on the yacht.
“There’s no time for your schemes. I can’t run this boat by myself.
With the crew gone, I’ll have to depend on you and Brad to help me.
We’re shovin’ off for Cleveland before anybody tries to stop us.”

Hands on her hips, Loretta bent one leg at the knee. “How much money do
you have, Dad?” Her father gazed at her in shock, and she droned on.
“Were those investors in Florida impressed with all your big plans? Did
they sink any cash into that broken-down factory of yours? Or did they
just give you the horselaugh?”

Jason came toward her. “What do you know about me?”

“The same thing Brenda does–it was me who told her you’re going broke!”
She watched his eyebrows rise. “Yeah, I know she spoke to you about
it. She’s the only one you ever listen to. I hoped she’d talk some
sense into your thick head. Dad, you’ve been acting screwy since your
sister died. We need an alarm system at our house, instead you
waste money on useless things like this boat!”

He didn’t seem to hear her. “You betrayed me…”

Loretta changed her tone. “Listen to me, Dad. Rama’s got money,
right? And Bess wants to marry him. She may not like us, but
she’s still family. If we move fast enough, we can get into her
good graces. Then she’ll talk the Arab into buying out all those
franchises you own in town. That’ll give you enough dough to
rebuild your factory–and we can go on living the way we always have–“

The Commodore’s right hand grabbed her by the throat. “You betrayed
your own father!”

He lifted the choking, kicking teenager a foot off the deck, Loretta
clawing at his hand with her fingers. With a shout of pain he tossed
her against the central cabin. Her back smarting, Loretta slid to the
deck, sitting and watching him while she regained her breath.
“You…you never touched me before!”

Jason rubbed the scratches her long nails had dug into his knuckles.
“I’m through being easy on you! You’re no better than Bess–plotting
against me! Everyone is against me! I can only trust myself!”
Turning, he hollered down at Brad. “Untie the lines, then get your butt
up here! I’m firing up the engines! We’re pulling out–now!”


I have other excerpts at my Author’s Den Pages:

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What’s more, Lavender Isis has also just published my short story sequel
to “Liberation” that follows the adventures of Loretta Trask three
years after the events in the book. The short story is called “Triangle
Storm,” and is available for reading free in the Oasis Online Magazine:

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