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“There’s medium rare, there’s rare….”

“I call this `protesting’.” He winked.

Aubrey snickered at his remark and watched him slice off another
piece of steak. He raised his fork to her mouth.

“Try it.”

The chicken on her own plate was done. Fully cooked and most likely dead for several weeks.

Slap a bandage on it and Aubrey was quite sure the cow on Joseph’s plate still had a chance.

“It’s still bleeding.” She laughed this time because she was nervous. And strangely excited at the same time.

“Try it.”

The thought of eating something so undercooked was disturbing. It was wrong.

It was erotic in a way Aubrey couldn’t describe.

Her tongue reached out to the meat before it passed her lips. Salty and sweet. The spicy manmade flavor from the kitchen overshadowed by the tart decadent taste of blood.

“That’s a good girl.”

Aubrey’s teeth tugged the bite from his fork.

A good girl? Had he really just called her a good girl?

Joseph’s finger caught a line of juice before it dripped off her chin.

“You missed the best part.”

His finger. His co*k. A piece of “protesting” cow.

What exactly was inside her mouth? Aubrey licked the juice from his finger and then allowed a most unladylike sucking noise to escape when the digit slid back out.

“Good, isn’t it?”

It was. It was very good, in fact. Good enough to make Aubrey forget herself and her manners for a moment.

“Gimme a little more.”

His crooked grin. The sparkle in those beautiful blue eyes. Aubrey wasn’t the kind of woman who was easily smitten. Especially not so quickly and never by someone so young. But that’s exactly what she was. Smitten with a man who had uncovered something in her she’d never really known.

But what part of her had this pup found?

“It’s your wild side.” Joseph offered her another piece of meat. “The part of you that’s still untamed.”

Aubrey hesitated before taking this bite into her mouth. Considering her own thoughts, his comment was unnerving to say the least.

“My wild side?”

His free hand cupped her chin until her lips parted.


Joseph used his fingers this time to gently place the steak on her tongue and then waited until she had licked them clean before taking them out of her mouth.

Even then he let his finger linger on her lips. Tracing their outline.

“The part of you that’s still more wild animal than civilized human being recognizes this taste as something it likes.”

Aubrey chewed slowly, and listened.

“There haven’t always been grocery stores and butchers. Of course you know that.”

Too intrigued by what he might say to be offended by his talking to her as if she were a child, Aubrey nodded in agreement.

“And of course you know that before man could go out and buy food, he had to hunt for it. And don’t forget that before fire, man was forced to eat all of his meat raw.”

Aubrey swallowed and let her tongue search her lips for any lingering juice.

“There’s a part of your brain that still remembers the taste of fresh kill. A part of your DNA that recognizes the flavor of a successful hunt.”

Whether there was juice about to run down her chin or not, she wasn’t sure. All Aubrey knew was that when Joseph dragged his finger across her bottom lip this time, she was more than willing to take it into her mouth.

“You understand you’re still an animal. Don’t you, Aubrey?”

Even through the fabric of her skirt and his slacks, when he let his leg rest against hers, Aubrey could feel the heat.

All she could do was nod.

“To primitive man, a successful hunt meant survival,” he continued. “It meant there was something in the cave for him to eat.”

The tips of his fingers trailed lightly down her thigh.

“It also meant any human beings living in that cave would be healthier and, if they bred, their babies would have a better chance of living. “

Aubrey spread her legs a little to allow his hand to dip between them.

“Just one reason why the taste of blood is so intriguing.” Joseph took a quick glance around the room and lowered his voice.

“It brings to mind images of sex.”

Aubrey was so glad she had chosen the darkest corner of the restaurant for their table. A darkened corner on a slow-business Monday night made it even better.

“Fresh kill meant it was a good time for men and women to breed.” He growled and nipped at her earlobe. His hand now insisting she spread her legs for him.

“That’s one reason why you’re so aroused right now.”

Aroused? Aubrey was aroused?

When this fascinating young man reached down to gather up her skirt, Aubrey wasn’t just aroused. She was beyond logical thought.


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