BOOK EXCERPT: Entrapped by Ann Jacobs, HUGE Contest, HOT sale, Excerpt! (Adult)

Entrapped by Ann Jacobs, HUGE Contest and HOT sale !

We’re excited to announce a new release from Ellora’s Cave by Ann Jacobs and a fabulous contest while Ann is at the Romantic Times convention! Follow Ann’s delicious scoop on her blog daily, make comments and you’ll get the chance to WIN one of four boxes of goodies, each of which will have a signed copy of one of Ann’s print books! Find out more by reading Ann’s latest blog entry here:

~ Available Today in eBook ~

Entrapped by Ann Jacobs
(Black Gold series)
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419920363

Horribly burned during the first Gulf War, Leila al Sinan lives behind the veil, longing for a taste of the pleasure the loss of her beauty and her husband have long denied.

Imprisoned in an Iraqi jail, Jamil al Hassan has been whipped, beaten and used for eleven years. He’ll do anything to escape his sadistic jailer Dubaq, Leila’s brother-by-marriage. Anything, even give in to
Leila’s seduction.

Reader Advisory: May not be for the weak of heart due to mention of off-scene torture practices.

Publisher’s Note: This story originally appeared in the Ellora’s Cave anthology Captured.

Adult Excerpt Copyright © Ann Jacobs

She hiked up her abaya and straddled him, then rubbed her yoni over his sleeping sex. When he began to speak, she clamped her hand over his mouth.

“Silence, Kuwaiti dog, or you die now. Nek ni .”

Jamil blinked.

Was he dreaming? Had this apparition just demanded in a raspy whisper that he fuck her?

No. This was no apparition, and it wasn’t one of Dubaq’s cocksucking underlings. This was a woman.

His cock swelled against what unmistakably was a warm, wet pussy. But all he could see in the dim light was a figure swathed in black, its features obscured but for the whites of dark, inscrutable eyes.

She smelled of greasy roasted goat and yogurt– or was that the stench of his own unwashed body?

Apparently his cock did not care. Like a man long deprived of water who had suddenly spied an oasis pool, it quickened and sought the opening to paradise.

Its aim unerring, Jamil’s cock found its target and sank inside the tight, wet glove of a sleek satiny pussy. His balls strained against the hard leather stretcher, making him bite his tongue to avoid crying out with agony when she began to ride him.

He tried to concentrate on her movements– slow, rocking, almost like that of a camel lumbering across the desert.

“Unchain me,” he ordered roughly, suddenly anxious to touch her, to discover if she was real or only another cruel illusion.

“Silence! Lest you feel the sting of my lash,” the guard roared, his voice raspy with obvious annoyance at being awakened.

She bent, obscuring the faint light, and whispered near Jamil’s ear. “I have no key. Be silent or you will summon the guard.”



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