BOOK EXCERPT: ~ Diablo Blanco Club: Unfair Advantage
Title: Diablo Blanco

Club: Unfair Advantage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-806-8
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC
Genre: BDSM Erotic Contemporary
Length: Novel
Price: $7.99
Available: January 20, 2009
For Mattie, some rules are made to be broken. Unfortunately, with Bryce,
there are definite consequences…but that’s not necessarily a bad thing–at
least in Mattie’s mind. (Hint: this scene was the inspiration for the

* “Lawrence.” His reminder had her getting to her feet and moving to
stand in front of him. Giving in to the impulse to avert her gaze from his,
she dipped her chin so her eyes focused on the third button of his shirt.
“Tell me what he did.”
Remaining in place as he stepped away from her, Mattie fought the urge
to follow his progress as he moved behind her. Swallowing, she recounted
Victor’s visit. “He came in and asked to speak with me privately.”
“Did you allow that?” The wash of his breath over her shoulder warmed
her. The deft treatment he gave the hook and zipper on her skirt had the
garment pooling around her ankles, with her thong soon following.
“Y-yes,” she stammered.
“That” — his voice was implacable — “was your first mistake.”
Circling around to her front, his finger beneath her chin lifted Mattie’s
gaze to his. “Continue.”
“Wh –” She stifled her gasp as his fingers slipped the buttons through
their holes on her cuffs, before he began with the row down the front of her
blouse. “When he followed me in, he suggested I was trying to gain his
attention so he would ask me out again.”
“And you disabused him of that notion?”
Mattie nodded, her breath catching in her throat as his hands eased her
silk shirt over her shoulders and off.
“Lawrence.” The command was in his voice again.
“Yes, I made it clear I wasn’t interested in him.” Through heavy-lidded
eyes, she watched him carefully fold her blouse and set it on his desk.
“Hand me your skirt and underwear, then remove your bra.”
Blatantly conscious of her nudity and its contrast to his fully clothed
state, Mattie stepped out of the puddle of silk, stooped to gather the
fabric, and carefully folded each item before handing them to Bryce. Fingers
trembling, she had to try twice before getting the front catch of her bra to
release so she could hand it over to him.
Again, Bryce turned away to settle her clothing on the corner of his
desk. When he returned, he held her gaze for long, heated moments. “Where
did he touch you?”
Her hands rose to graze the midpoint on her upper arms. No bruises
showed, but the grip Victor had used had proved to be difficult to wrestle
free from.
Bryce’s look was cool, remote, as he stepped closer, his gaze tracing
the path of her hands. “Is that the only place?”
“No.” She could feel the heat in her cheeks as his eyes followed her
fingers as she traced them along her jaw, where Victor’s hand had stilled
her attempts to turn away from him. From there, she hastily slid her hand
over her left breast and hip, before stopping with her hand cupped briefly
over her left butt cheek.
“And those are the only places?” His gaze held hers, searching for any
secrets she might try to hide.

At her nod, Bryce tamped down the primal urge to mark his territory.
Leaving bruises on her would do nothing but create rumors throughout the
building. Not that their marrying wouldn’t send a wave of whispers rippling
through the staff, but love bites the size of silver dollars would only
increase the rumors. With the way the Makepeaces had tried to steal his
position from him, he wanted to keep them in the dark about his marrying
Lawrence for as long as possible.
As she stood before him, the dark curls between her legs glistening
with her arousal, Bryce fought the urge to smile. His first challenge had
presented itself, and now he needed to analyze how she responded to it.
Taking her wrist, he led her around the coffee table and settled onto
the cushions of the sofa. When she moved to sit beside him, he shook his
head. “Stand there.” Releasing her hand, he presented his first question.
“What were my instructions on Saturday?”
The puzzled look on her face reassured him that she was searching for
the rules he’d laid down when they’d struck their bargain. “Which ones?”
Mattie asked, her tone reflecting both confusion and suspicion.
“About other men.”
Her gasp was all he needed to warn him. Before she could move away, he
sat up and tugged her, facedown, over his knees.
“You can’t possibly…” she cried, her body twisting in his hold.
The first blow stilled her wriggling. Sharp enough to sting but not
truly hurt. Bryce waited. “What were my instructions?” A firm strike on the
opposite cheek followed his request.
“But he isn’t…owww!”
A third blow landed, stifling her protest and drawing a cry from her
lips. More protests followed the fourth and fifth swats, each just a shade
more solid than the last, but the safe word remained unspoken. After another
strike on a rosy cheek, Bryce asked again, “What were my instructions?”
Emotion clogged her voice, but he clearly heard Mattie’s response. “No
contact with former lovers.” Pushing off his knees, she knelt beside him,
her shimmering eyes glaring at him, not with tears — his cock ached,
pressing against his trousers as he realized it was arousal heating her gaze
even as she finished arguing. “But he isn’t –“
Lifting her onto his lap, Bryce shook his head. “No other men.” Tracing
his lips along the jaw Victor had held still, he continued, “You don’t allow
any other men to touch you, Lawrence.” While one hand trailed over each of
the spots she’d identified as where Victor had touched her, the other eased
the high heels from her feet. His lips followed his fingertips, ghosting
light kisses over the soft skin of her upper arms, before easing across to
the slope of her left breast. The strawberry red nipple poked upward,
begging for attention, as he eased Mattie onto the cushions beside him.

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