BOOK EXCERPT: Devon Falls: Sticky Magic by Raine Delight

Devon Falls: Sticky Magic part of the Babes in Toyland 2 Anthology is available through Aspen Mountain Press!


Eight authors, eight wonderful winter holiday stories. Authors include Maura Anderson, Jeanne Barrack, Raine Delight, Melissa Glisan, Wayne Greenough, Michelle Hasker, Dawn Montgomery and Skylar Sinclair. These winter holiday stories range from sweet and mysterious to hot paranormals and even a contemporaryy menage!


Devon Falls: Sticky Magic
Raine Delight

“Credit.” Marc handed her his credit card and watched her eyes widen. She must have felt the same sparks he did when their fingers brushed against each other. Marc tried to keep his breath steady but the sexual awareness simmered in his body like a bolt of electricity. This one woman made him want to ravish her bones yet at the same time he wanted to cuddle her close and savor her nearness. “I don’t mean to be bold but do you think we can go for coffee or something tonight?”

“Um I am not sure on that one considering I don’t even know who you are.”

“Oh man, I am sorry Jenna.” Marc held out his hand, “My name is Marc du Bree and I am visiting my family for the holidays here in your lovely town.”

Jenna took his hand and they shook in welcome. When he took her hand, face palm side up and planted a kiss in the middle, he looked deep in her eyes. She slid her hand out of his, and he felt the loss of her touch.

“I hope you have a wonderful stay here. Please let me know how your mom likes her gift.” Jenna said, trembling at the emotions tumbling through her like a kid on a sugar high.

Marc saw how affected she was as her body gave off its own signals to him. From her nipples hardening to points that made him want to lick and suck them, her female scent was driving him nuts. Her arousal literally grabbed him by the balls and wouldn’t let go even if he wanted her to let go. “Can I take you for coffee tonight, please Jenna? I want to get to know you better and I can honestly say,” he leaned down to finish his sentence, “I never experienced this sort of attraction before in all my years.”

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