BOOK EXCERPT: Defiant Love by Kassie Burns ADULT

An adult excerpt from Defiant Love … a paranormal romance by Kassie Burns

The modern career woman faces a host of challenges, but Lora has some unique problems. For one thing, she’s fallen in love with her boss, Greg, a real no-no in the corporate world. And for another, she has the ability to hear the banshee howl — and the Irish ghost has wailed a warning of Greg’s coming death.


Lora got up from her chair and smoothed down her hair in a nervous gesture. Her tiny office cubicle was one of twenty-three located in the center of the huge main office space. Greg’s private office was located on the outside rim of the space — an office with a door and a window, the ultimate measure of success in the modern world.

She made her way through the maze of cubicles and paused at his open door. “You wanted to see me?”

Greg looked up from the open laptop on his big, oak desk, his intense gaze piercing her heart. “Come in and shut the door, Lora.”

She wanted to protest, but he was her boss, and for all she knew this was legitimate company business, something he wanted to discuss with her confidentially. Determined to act as if nothing had ever happened between them, she took a step into the room and shut the door.

Greg rose to his feet, six-feet-two of long, lean and glorious male. He was dressed casually as always in tight jeans that clung to his muscular legs. His pale blue turtleneck sweater brought out the sapphire brilliance of his eyes. Unruly dark hair fell over his forehead. He smiled his dimpled smile, the one that always made her heart clutch in her chest, and advanced toward her.

She knew that determined look on his face all too well. “Stop, Greg, please.”

“Are you really sure you want me to?” He loomed over her, his broad shoulders blocking the view out the window. She smelled his cologne, a heady mixture of musk and spice. His warm hands grabbed her arms and pulled her close. His breath brushed over her cheek. “I’ve tried to stay away from you, Lora, I’ve really tried, but I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Her heart rose up into her throat. Was Greg really saying this to her? Love ’em and leave ’em Greg? She’d ended it before he did to spare her pride. Had she acted too soon?

His body heat surrounded her, wrapping her in a warm blanket of desire. Her head swam. Desperately, she tried to hang on to some semblance of professionalism. “Please, Greg, we’re at the office. This is no place for a personal discussion.”

“Rethink your decision, Lora. That’s all I ask.” Greg wrapped his arms around her and pressed her to him. Her body responded without thought, her hips moving forward to press against his. She could feel his erection under his jeans. He bent his head and claimed her mouth, his lips moving over hers with the passionate possessiveness that always took her breath away.

“No, Greg, no.” She intended to raise her hands to his shoulders and push him back. Instead they moved of their own will up into his thick hair. His tongue slid between her lips into her mouth, touching hers, stroking. Heat blazed to life between her thighs.

He broke the kiss and stared at her, his face full of pleading. “I know why you ended it. I know my reputation. All I’m asking is for a chance to prove to you that I’m willing to change — for us.”

Us. Could there ever be an “us,” Lora wondered. She doubted it, but she couldn’t stop the flicker of hope that lit up her heart, or the growing heat burning in her loins. Again her body moved of its own volition, her pelvis rotating against Greg’s hardened cock. He groaned.

“Don’t do that, babe, if you don’t mean it. I’m only a man. I can only take so much.” Even as he spoke, Greg’s fingers found the buttons of her blouse, undoing them with expert swiftness.

Lora gasped as he pushed the fabric aside to reveal her lacy bra. He pulled the bra up and her breasts spilled free, her nipples already taut with desire. So much for professional distance.

“Oh, Greg.” All it took was his fingers brushing over her skin and she was past the place of rational thought, past everything but her burning need for him. She arched her back in invitation and his mouth settled eagerly over one of her stiff nipples. His tongue teased the sensitive tip, sending jolts of electricity flooding through her body. Her pussy throbbed in rhythm with the stroking of his tongue over her nipple, and moisture flooded her panties.

“Lora, love.” His voice had gone hard with desire. He turned her so her back was to his desk and lifted her effortlessly into a sitting position, pushing up her skirt so that it bunched around her hips. His fingers caught the top of her panties and pulled down, dragging them off. Then he spread her thighs.

“Greg, we need to think about this.” Despite her protest, she leaned back on her elbows, nearly
knocking his laptop onto the floor. Dear God, she yearned to have him inside her again. Heart pounding, she watched him unzip his jeans and pull down his briefs. His cock sprang free, long and hard and ready for her.

Greg smiled his dazzling smile. “What we need is less thinking and more fucking, love.”

Defiant Love is now available from Changeling Press
Kassie Burns
Enjoy the burn!

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