BOOK EXCERPT: Dangerous Times, C and M Security series – Moira Callahan (M/F) NEW RELEASE

Promo: Dangerous Times, C&M Security series – Moira Callahan (M/F) NEW RELEASE

Title:  Dangerous Times

Series:  C&M Security

Genre:  Contemporary Erotic Romance, Suspense/Thriller, M/F

Author:  Moira Callahan


Publisher:  Evernight Publishing

Available:  June 26, 2014

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Three years ago Tamara Phillips met a man who, quite possibly, could rock her very world. Then tragedy strikes and Tamara very nearly loses her life. Forced to hide while testifying she knows she has lost the very best thing to ever happen to her. Fate though has other plans for her. 

As co-owner of C&M Security, Shawn Camden has a great life, amazing friends, and interesting work. Yet something is missing. He knows just what it is, or rather who it is, but has sworn to himself to not go looking for her—until she walks in his front door.

Tamara’s nightmare is about to come full circle with the release of her ex-boyfriend from jail. Getting some security is the smart thing to do for a woman occasionally in the public eye. The fact that her protector is Shawn makes it all the sweeter.


* * *


The sexiest man Tamara had ever met slid his hand down her arm slowly, gooseflesh rising wherever he touched, and then he leaned in closer. He smelled like sandalwood and man, pure sex, and so damned sinful. She was having a hell of a time focusing, especially when he leaned in to brush his lips over her cheek. A shiver worked through her body at the light caress.

“You are so gorgeous,” he whispered. His voice was pitched deep and low, intimate in the romantic setting of the room.

There were easily a hundred or more people in the club with them. But, in that moment, it felt like they were the only two people in the world. The music was low, a deep throb of bass that didn’t help with the same pulsing sensation in her veins.

Curling her fingers around his arms, just above his elbows, she swayed when he brushed his lips lower and then lower still. He drifted down her neck and toward the hollow of her throat. He was trying to kill her. She knew it and didn’t care, because it was the only way to truly die happy.

Well, maybe not happy per se. With a smile on her face, absolutely! Happy…not so much. Not with the crap currently going on in her life.

“Hey,” he growled, his head lifting. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

He genuinely sounded concerned and worried. Which was clearly reflected in his eyes. She couldn’t even remember his name, but she was touched that he picked up on her silent cues after only a couple of hours.

Shaking her head, Tamara lifted a hand to trace a finger down his cheek, the scruff on his jaw abrading her fingertip in the most delicious of ways. “Nothing,” she said quietly. “My mind just decided to drift for a moment and nowhere good.”

He pressed closer to her at her words. She could feel the erection he was sporting digging into her belly. With her mouth going dry, she fought to hold in a whimper. She wanted that big cock inside of her and soon.

“Then you are obviously bored,” he said, easing back a little.

Wait, what? No! She gripped his arms harder and shook her head. “It’s not that,” she said, hoping he could read the sincerity she was trying to throw his way.

“Then, what is it?” he asked. He leaned back into her again. Thank you, God.

“Too much going on. I just can’t get my head to shut down for even a moment,” she admitted.

His arms slid around her body and pulled her tighter to his hard frame. “Can I help with anything?” he asked, sounding one hundred percent sincere.

She could feel tears welling up at his offer and shook her head. Slipping her arms around his neck, she pressed her nose to his throat and inhaled. Tamara so wanted to forget, he could do that, she was sure he could. “No, I don’t know if anyone can, but thank you for offering when you didn’t have to.” Good God, what the fuck was his name?

* * * * *

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