BOOK EXCERPT:: Curse of the Mexican Opal by Cheryl Dragon

Have you ever had sex in public? Ever thought about it? Jason and Gina have done the wild thing in many public place, the fear of getting caught compelled them. Until one day they were caught. Will Jason and Gina’s love survive the embarrasment? Find out in Curse of the Mexican Opal now available through Ellora’s Cave.

Blurb: Sex when or where you can get caught was always a turn-on for Gina and Jason — until they actually got caught.

She dumped him, trying to deny her wild side, but now six months later she’s calling him for help. A bracelet with a kinky curse requires his paranormal expertise. But before they can cleanse the bracelet, they’re up to their old tricks in her jewelry shop and having new fun on videotape.

Gina can’t get enough but can she take the chance again? She trusts Jason. A good man who shares her sexual kink is hard to find but she’s not sure she can trust herself not to overreact when he wants more…


The bell on the front door jingled and Gina looked up. He was back in her shop. Jason Rayne—oldest of the Rayne boys and unbearably addictive. Six foot two and built with muscle, he could have any woman he wanted. His arms were strong and his chest was broad and thick. Outwardly he looked like a nice guy in good shape. A typical Irish-son-of-Boston with brown hair and green eyes who loved the Red Sox. His face was handsome and open. Everyone smiled at him.

Gina knew him deeper. The risks he liked to take. The secrets they shared. One year of dating him and she’d never been the same.

“Hey.” Jason hung his jacket up on the hook. “You okay?”

Gina nodded. She wasn’t but didn’t trust her voice.

“You don’t look okay.” Jason rounded the glass cases and slipped past the employees-only swinging partition.

Suddenly he was next to her. The scent of him mixed with a touch of the cologne she loved went right to her core. “I’m fine. It’s the bracelet.” She held up her left wrist.

His warm rough hand closed around her wrist and turned it to see the detail. “Nice. Didn’t know jewelry was getting you off these days. No new guy?” Jason let her wrist go and moved behind her.

With the glass case in front and Jason’s warm body behind her, Gina pressed back. The full mirror on the opposite wall reflected their image. They’d done this before and every time she wanted it again. Jason’s palms went to the glass on either side of her hands. He was waiting for her answer.

“No new guy.” Gina half turned and kissed his jaw.

That was the only trigger he needed. Jason crushed his mouth to hers and Gina felt the familiar rush of him overpowering her senses. The need and desire created by the bracelet was washed away by the fuel of Jason’s touch. His arms curled around her waist and one hand slid up under her black top to massage her breasts as the other slid down to tease her outer lips through the thin skirt.

Gina went limp against him except for her mouth, which strained for more. She knew Jason would hold her up—those arms could lift her up while he fucked her at the same time. Another thrill she wanted to relive.

The man had no shame as he held her back flat against him with both hands now under her shirt. Gina arched back for more as he tugged at her hard nipples and squeezed her breasts. He always loved that she never wore a bra. She didn’t need one. They were small but perky and always available for his touch. With Jason’s erection pressed to the small of her back, Gina was glad her chest never grew despite her teenage prayers. He craved her body the way it was.
“Watch yourself in the mirror,” Jason said in her ear.

Gina forced her eyes open and saw Jason and herself. It was as though they’d never been apart. His hands moved under her shirt and pulled the fabric up. The flash of her breasts made her flush. He ground his cock against her and she moaned. Reaching behind, she stroked him through his jeans. “People could see us.”

“Let them. That’s what you want.” He nipped at her neck.

Her hands pulled his down from exposing her breasts but the exchange only aroused her more. Her storefront had a large picture window with a jewelry display. They could be caught. Gina had no idea why she was so risky and why this man could push her to new levels but she loved the rush.

“Pull up the back of your skirt,” he said into her hair.

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