BOOK EXCERPT: Captive Illusions 1: Iain and Kelsey by Lynn Crain

We all live differently in our dreams, a world where we can do what we want, with who we want. What happens when that dream becomes a reality? Find out in Captive Illusions 1: Iain and Kelsey now available through eXtasy Books!


Every woman holds deep inside her a dark fantasy. Some dream of forced sex, some dream of being tied up, others dream of being swept away to a place from which she can’t escape, some dream of places and times in the past and others still dream about the forgotten realms where vampires, werewolves, elves and more exist…no woman knows how she’s going to react until it happens. And sometimes that fear and anger at being controlled turns into a wanton desire that even the most frigid ice queen can not deny.


She couldn’t hear anything, and that made the silence deafening to her ears.

Kelsey wondered where she was and just how she had gotten into this mess. Being a good person, she felt these things didn’t happen to good people…she was sure of it.

She allowed her mind to drift. Just how long had she been here, anyway? And where was he? Kelsey hadn’t heard a sound from him since his last command of not to move.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she took assessment of her predicament…bound by hand and foot to a large bed. Kelsey could see it in her mind’s eye…it was huge, with four posters…as huge as she imagined the man who brought her here to be. She tugged on her restraints slightly. The man sure knew what he was doing…the restraints were loose enough that they didn’t hurt, but strong enough that they held her in the spread-eagle position she now found herself in.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, she was facedown on this huge bed. Kelsey didn’t know what the material was, but it was the softest thing that she had ever felt, and it was cool against her hot cheeks. She was blindfolded. The only piece of her clothing that remained was her blue, lacy silk thong…she couldn’t wiggle too much or it would inch up her crack, making her even more conscious of her lack of other clothing.

I will not cry, she told herself fiercely. She had heard once if you allowed your captor to know just how scared you were, things would get worse. Kelsey allowed her mind to drift over the evening that had resulted in her being here.

Slowly the door opened and she could tell that she was being watched again.

“My, my…now that I have you here, whatever am I going to do to you?” The voice–rich, full, sinful and definitely male–held just a hint of brogue.

Oh, God, she thought feverishly, I’m in trouble now.

Kelsey began to struggle in earnest.

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