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Beneath a Yankee Sky by J.M. Snyder
Sequel to the best-seller, Under a Confederate Moon


Brance Brenneman is used to harsh conditions ~ the eldest son of a stern Amish preacher, Brance was bit by a werecat as a young boy, and managed to keep his secret from his family until he was old enough to leave them and their religion behind. Years later, when the nation is divided by the American Civil War, Brance finds himself enlisted in the Union army. By sheer chance, he meets Caleb Chilson, a Confederate soldier who bears his same shapeshifting burden.

Together they leave the war behind to forge a new life in the wilderness of Pennsylvania. But trappers near their camp are hunting bobcats, and they don’t much care if Brance and Caleb are only in the fur part of the time. Brance finds his peaceful existence shattered, and he has to fight to defend the life ~ and the bobcat, the man ~ he’s come to love.

EXCERPT: (Adult, Explicit M/M)

In the excerpt below, Brance and Caleb get frisky in the early dawn …

In the morning Brance found himself curled around Caleb in their tent.
Before he opened his eyes, he knew he was human again ~ his heartbeat was no longer the racing muscle that pounded in his chest as a cat.
Fingers, not paws, twined through Caleb’s shaggy hair, and one long leg bent at the knee to drape over his lover’s hip.

Beyond the confines of the small tent they shared, the noises of the forest were gone, replaced with a calm quiet Brance knew to be deceiving. Somewhere out there three men cleaned their guns, waiting for nightfall. Brance wasn’t sure what to do about that ~ Caleb’s suggestion of talking to the men was laughable, at best, but should they pack up and plunge deeper into the mountains? How much distance
could they put behind them in one day’s time? Or should they stay put, lay low, wait a few days until their time of the month passed and the men moved on?

He didn’t know. For the first time in his life, he had someone else to think of, someone else to consider. The indecision that warred inside him clouded his judgment ~ it blurred his thoughts like a hand easing between his legs, the touch of skin on skin distracting. A low moan slipped from him, unbidden; to stifle it, he pressed his face into the
pile of clothing he used as a pillow.

Then he shifted closer to Caleb and felt a real hand cupping his crotch, fingers massaging under his balls as they worked over tender flesh toward Brance’s puckered hole. An eager tongue licked out to taste one of Brance’s nipples.

Lust shot through him like lightning, every nerve awake and energized.
Between his legs, his cock thickened as blood rushed with the
suddenness of a swift summer storm to fill his length. His balls throbbed with desire and need. When Caleb licked out a second time, Brance gave up all pretense of sleep and rolled onto his lover, pressing him back to the blankets of their makeshift bed. Gentle fingers trailed up Brance’s hips as their erections crushed together with a sweet ache. With a sleepy smile, Caleb purred, “Hey.”

Brance’s reply was a demanding kiss that held Caleb pinned beneath him and took his breath away. For all the playful mating Caleb liked to do in the fur, Brance was a physical man who needed to feel Caleb’s body held tight against his. He loved kisses, foreplay, hands clasping and
stroking and fondling hidden flesh. He loved suckling bare skin, taking Caleb’s dick in his mouth, rimming his lover’s ass with a heated tongue. The feline form was too limited for him ~ that body was built for hunting and running, not arduous caresses or tender kisses. Not love.

Though Caleb had started it, Brance took charge of the moment. He forced himself to slow down, savor it ~ his kiss deepened, his tongue tasting Caleb’s mouth as if he were ambrosia itself and this was Brance’s first time dining with the gods. As they kissed, Brance leaned to one side of Caleb’s body and strummed a hand down his lover’s slender length. His fingers danced over familiar flesh, then curved around one meaty buttock to lift Caleb’s leg, spreading him open. When Brance stroked between those legs, Caleb whimpered into him, his own hands cradling Brance’s face.

With just his thumb, Brance toyed along the trembling skin at the center of Caleb’s being. His lover’s breath quickened; his hands fisted in Brance’s thick beard to tug him down as Caleb’s hips rose off the ground. Pleasure spiked between them when their hard cocks rubbed together, and Caleb pulled away long enough to sob, “Please. God, Brance, please ~”

Brance covered Caleb’s mouth with his own, silencing him.

Continued …


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