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Officer Adrien Spence’s Mission: Obtain incriminating evidence which, one Alexis Rainier holds in her possession — at any cost.

First Challenge: Earn Alexis’ trust, which is easier said than done. By him using her niece, Alexis’ walls virtually crumble at her feet, as the little girl falls in love with Adrien.

Second Challenge: He must seduce Alexis and keep her off balance, and above all else, his secret agenda must remain just that, a secret.

Third Challenge: Adrien must search Alexis’ house for the damning evidence, without her finding out.

Unfortunately, he didn’t expect to lose his heart in the deal; and when Adrien learns that Alexis has been kidnapped, he prays that he can beat the clock in a race against time to save her.

Her life depends on it.


“Alright, what did you find out, Tank?”
“Not much, kid, sorry. My contact at the PD doesn’t know anything about why you’re being tailed. He says this Adrien Spence is a good guy though. Does everything by the book. He’s new to Metro. Apparently had some kind of run in with a dirty superior a couple of months back. All of a sudden, he showed up there.”
“There’s no such thing as a good cop,” she reminded him.
“I know, kid. I’m going to keep looking into why you’re being watched.”
“Thanks. You’re the best,” Summer stood on her tip-toes and kissed his smooth cheek. “Where is he?”
“At the bar. He hasn’t moved all night, not even to take a leak.”
Summer approached the bar and the plain-clothed cop waiting there for her. Both of them looked each other over thoroughly as she approached.
Adrien had been a perfect gentleman the night before, but tonight he looked his fill. He’d be lying if he said her womanly body didn’t make him hard. Wouldn’t mind sliding my cock between those, he let his mind wander obscenely as his eyes caressed her full breasts.
“May I buy you a drink?” Adrien Spence asked with a warm smile.
Her face was emotionless as she answered him, “No, thank you, I’d like to go home. I don’t hang around here after my shift.”
He nodded and led her out to his car. He wasn’t interested in hanging around a strip joint either. Co-workers and even friends were always trying to get him to loosen up and join them for a beer or two at the titty bars. He was always prepared with a plausible excuse.
The ride back to Summer’s house was as quiet as the ride to the club.
“Did you enjoy the show?” she asked not making eye contact with him.
“I wasn’t paying any attention to the stage, I was watching the crowd,” Adrien shrugged, the lie sliding easily from his lips. He hadn’t watched anyone else perform, but couldn’t take his eyes off her when she was on stage. Her sensuality mesmerized him. “The strip club scene isn’t my thing. I suppose it was fine for a first timer.”
“You’ve never been to a gentlemen’s club before?” she questioned in disbelief.
“Well then, Officer Spence, what do you do for fun?”
“I work. And what I do outside of keeping tabs on you really isn’t any of your business.” His attention remained focused on the road ahead of them.
Must have hit another nerve, Summer smiled with satisfaction.
“Are you going to answer my earlier questions?” she asked, finally looking over at the gorgeous cop beside her.
His sharp, chiseled features caused her tummy to flutter. He was stunning. Her nipples puckered tightly against her lacy black bra and her pussy grew wet.
“I have nothing to tell you. I’ve been assigned to watch you from eleven to seven, until further notice.” And it’s hell lady, because you’re in your house and I’m in my car, he thought and his balls began to ache.
“You were out front of my house at ten tonight.”
“I finished up my reports early.”
As they pulled into her driveway, Spence shifted into park.
“Thank you for the ride,” Summer opened her door before he could get out and do it for her.
“You’re welcome.”
“How long is this shit going to go on for?”
“Until I’m given another assignment,” his answer this time was accompanied by a warm smile.
An incredible smile. Sexy. Playful. Dangerous. A hint of mischief sparkled in his eyes. Summer’s nipples grew even harder, pressing painfully against her lace bra and moisture flooded the tingling juncture between her thighs, dampening her matching panties. The damn cop had stirred a sexual arousal in Summer she was not prepared to act on.
She couldn’t.
“Good night, Adrien Spence,” Summer whispered.
Adrien looked over at Summer with surprise.
“I have my sources, Cop. And I intend to find out why I’m being tailed.”


Target of Deception – November 15, 2007 Dark Eden Press
A Delicious Taboo – January 15, 2008 Dark Eden Press
At the Dungeon Master’s Hand – March 1, 2008 Dark Eden Press
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