BOOK EXCERPT: Adult: Try a little Sexual Rx

Mastror si Lor Canto came to Earth with a hidden purpose. As the foremost sexual healer of Cor’almere, he was determined to test his theory that the primitive humans of Earth had
untapped paranormal powers that could boost his own.

When he meets an Earth woman with the power he seeks, he discovers she is suffering from a deadly brain tumor.

It’s time for a little Sexual Rx.


“Get back in here with me, you gorgeous man,” Dor Sesta called from where she lounged half-submerged in the steaming water.

Lor glanced over his shoulder at the tempting curves of Dor’s full breasts. The water lapped around her dark nipples, splashing against the hard little peaks whenever she moved her arms. Droplets glimmered on her dewy skin. The heated air rising from the pool carried the sweet scent of fragrant oils and something more, the dark, dusky tang of the sex they’d shared.

“Don’t tell me you’re cold, poor darling.” He turned to face her and half smiled when her pupils immediately dilated. He wondered if Earth women displayed the same excitement at the sight of an erect cock. He looked forward to finding out.

Dor’s small pink tongue slipped between her lips and licked up a drop of water at the side of her mouth. “By the twelve suns, you’re an impressive stud. Tell me again, why are you planning to waste your sexual brilliance on these barbaric Earth females?”

His bare feet padded on the tile floor of the bathing chamber as he walked back to the edge of the pool and gazed down at her. He remembered the taste of her skin, the moist heat of
her silken sheath encasing him. A pity, really, that her depression had lifted so quickly. The ethical traditions of a sexual healer required him to break off physical intimacies once the healing was complete.

“The Earthlings have a civilization, ” he reminded Dor with a hint of impatience. Why were the Evolved so quick to give up on this world? He’d argued with the council for weeks before they’d
consented to his experiment.

Dor splashed droplets of water at him with a teasing smile. “If you can call it that. They’re not ready for galactic society. I wonder why we bother with them.”

Frowning, Lor considered his answer. He’d come to Earth on a serious mission. Yet he faced opposition not only from the increasingly hostile Earthlings, but also from many of his own
kind, who considered Earth a colossal waste of time. “There is always something to learn about sexual intimacy, Dor, even from primitives. I have a theory I want to test out, and as a sexual healer, it’s my duty to experience the ultimate union in all its possible forms.”

Dor swam over to the edge of the pool and stood in the waist-high water. Rivulets gleamed under the soft overhead lights as they ran off her satiny skin. She reached up to touch the tip of his cock with a dripping finger. “Maybe. On the other hand, maybe you’re secretly tired of making love with civilized women. Maybe you want to find out what it would be like to have a savage in your bed.”

Lor held himself motionless as her fingers closed around the head of his cock and began a rhythmic squeezing. Fighting his instant arousal, he regarded her through narrowed eyes. She
was beautiful — and desirable — there was no denying that. Like all the Evolved, she was a perfect physical specimen. Thick, dark hair framed a heart-shaped face with amber eyes. Golden-brown skin glowed with health. High, perky breasts with large, dark nipples jutted at him in wanton invitation. Her mons and her sleek, long thighs lay hidden beneath the water, but he knew them, too. Earlier, he had stroked and kissed and caressed her from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.He was a sexual healer, and Dor had needed healing to cure her deep depression. Now she was quite well, with a raging sexual libido to prove it.

He reached down, grasped her hand, and gently pulled it away from his swollen hard-on. His penis twitched as if protesting what his mind had decided, but he ignored it. “Your healing is complete.”

She balled her hands into fists and beat at the water, sending drops flying over the edge of the pool. “Damn you, Lor! I thought you had feelings for me.”

Lor held up his hands, although her healthy anger pleased him — it meant he’d done his work well. “I explained all of this to you before we started. A sexual healer cannot fall in love. The traditions of our order forbid it. How could I survive, emotionally or mentally, if I fell in love with every woman I slept with?”

Inwardly, he sighed. They all believed they would be different. Eachone imagined they would be the one who would claim his heart.

Always his duty had commanded that he hold himself aloof. Until now. If he found the right woman on Earth, his encounter with her might be very different indeed. To achieve his goal, he might have to break the rules.

Dor cupped her breasts in both hands as if trying to tempt him with their fullness. “Do you think an Earth woman can satisfy you? Oh, I’m sure they’ll be falling into line to get into your bed, but they’re little more than barely civilized brutes.”

He arched an eyebrow at her, secretly amused. “That’s exactly the reason I want to bed one. I want to learn something new, something I believe only a true primitive can teach me.”

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