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EXCERPT from Sex Party by Natalie Acres

When they first walked into Clink, heads turned. Peyton saw a few recognizable faces and one or two women dropped their jaws when they saw who led her through the crowd. A lot of gals loved the Cartwell men and if Peyton had to guess, they typically showed up at Clink alone.

She headed to the ladies room and fully expected to find Evan waiting for her when she came out. Sure enough, he waited there with his back against the wall.

“Such a pretty little school girl,” he said as he licked his lips. Nothing but lust existed in his eyes and when his gaze fell to her chest, so help her she felt flames around her nipples.

She walked ahead of him. Her misfortune of the night fell back on her desire to play the part with Loy. She’d dressed in a red plaid skirt, white blouse and cream stockings. Now, Evan planned to parade her around and make her pay for such a mistake.

By the expressions washing over many faces in the room and by the need-ridden stares some of the Doms there gave her, he might wish later he’d reconsidered. Peyton stopped before they reached the dance floor, stepped out of the way long enough for a group to pass.

“I’m going to lick your pussy right here in front of everyone,” he said.

She called out over her shoulder. “Really, Evan. You need to learn to keep that wicked tongue of yours in your mouth.”

Some words should never leave a woman’s mouth.

Evan grabbed her hips and moved her into one of the many hidden alcoves lining the walls of the club. The semi-private spaces were somewhat secluded because of the partitions but if anyone walked closer and looked down, the acts of sex were easily witnessed, if anyone wanted to check for confirmation. At Clink, even curious cats seldom approached a couple in the throes of passion.

“Evan, if you think I’m going to you here, then you’re wrong.”

His lips brushed past hers, and he pressed her against the wall. Holding her lower half with his left hand, he gripped her hip bone and simulated the sex act as he moved into her over and over again. His eyes flickered with out of control lust.

The music in the club maintained a certain beat, and her head swam. It filled the club with a creative aphrodisiac. Peyton felt alive. Her nerve endings were sensitive to his touch, and everywhere his fingers caressed, she immediately craved his kiss.

His lips fell to her neck, and he growled as he kissed the same places where Kane’s lips had once been. Three love marks were planted across her neck, and he licked past them as his cock pressed into her center. The hard rod pleaded for the act itself. A little grind here or there didn’t quite manage to accommodate.

Evan rocked her body against his as her hands settled, without a grip, against his shoulders. He framed her face and didn’t just make love to her mouth but he fuc.ked it with his tongue, making sure those who watched understood what kind of actions backed up his kind of kiss.

She stood on her tip-toes when he released her and wrapped her arms around his neck. With a wicked grin, he nibbled at her lips. “Liked that, did ya?”

“I want more, Evan.” She swallowed realizing what she asked him when he lifted her skirt.

Before she realized how quickly he worked, Evan’s cock was out of his pants, and he dragged her body from one side to another against the length of his hard-on. With a slight warning, only one, he fisted her hair in his hand, and he kissed her still deeper than she was ever kissed in public. At the same time, he penetrated her. A slight impalement, but his cock moved inside of her nonetheless.

“Evan,” she whispered. “Everyone is watching.”

“Honey, they might watch but most of them are doing the same thing we’re doing, and if they aren’t, they will be by the time I’m through with you.”

He jerked her hips forward, and began to move with her. He bit his lower lip and tilted his head back and watched her. The look he gave her was one meant to inspire orgasms. He gritted his teeth and his upper lip curled like it pleasured and pained him to finally get his cock inside of her. His thick dick ripped through her channel, and he shot her a devilish grin before he began to grind.

“Now, this is heaven.”

A sigh and a grunt left his lips, and they both looked down on the obvious act of sex. He pulled out long enough to let her see her own juices covering his shaft and then he yanked her legs around his waist.

“Heaven help me, Peyton. I’m going to you hard right here.”

“Evan, everyone is—”

“Horny,” he said.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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