BOOK EXCERPT: A Love For Eggther by Lynn Crain

Can Eggther find a love for himself? Find out in Lynn Crain’s A Love For Eggther available now through eXtasy Books!

A Love for Eggther
Book 3.5 in Santa’s Elves series
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Available NOW!!!

Long before Angieeven knew the North Pole existed, Eggther loved Edana. One day, Edana disappeared and Eggther went to work for Santa. Over time, Angiewatched the little elf she came to adore and consider a close friend, be eaten away by loneliness. An idea hits her. She’s fixed up many others, why not Eggther? However, a look from Santa says she’s overstepped her bounds and opened a past few know anything about. How much will Angierisk to find A Love For Eggther?

A Love for Eggther

“Eggie…just what is it you want in a mate? I mean, I’ve never really asked you and, since I’ll be the one helping you find someone, I definitely should know.” Using her pet name for him, Angiesearched his face, still hoping for some sign that she was absolutely doing the right thing. If she ever hurt the little guy, she would never forgive herself. And with the new information that Santa had given her that morning, it made the task that much more difficult.

The little elf got a mischievous look on his face. “Well…first of all, she needs to have…” At this point, he moved his hands in front of his chest and began to expand out a distance. “And then she needs not to have too much of …” Again, using his hands, he indicated what could only be interpreted as an overabundance of belly and butt.

Angiejust stared. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She tried to best to keep any emotion off her face. This was some new area for her. Sure, she had talked about certain things with Ardan within the context of generalities.. She had never discussed specifics of a woman with any male…especially not a little three foot four elf…who obviously needed to get laid.
“And she needs to have a pretty face and the sweetest nectar needs to fall from her nether-regions.”

At this point, Angie’s eyes widened. This was way too much, even for one in the medical profession. Sure, she helped deliver babies and was very passionate in her relationship with her husband. But never in all her life had she ever really discussed these things with another male. And no matter just how much she wanted to deny it, her little elf friend was definitely male. Her hands came up in a defensive pose. “Whoa…wait…way too much information!”
Eggther made a sad face. “I thought AngieHudson Locklin wanted to know what Eggther requires in a mate.”

She frowned. This was not going at all like she thought it would. She just wished she could straight out ask him about his first love. Pensively, she patted the little guy’s shoulder. “I do, Eggie, but sometimes you give people too much information.”

Eggther looked like he was ready to burst into tears and run away. Suddenly, she felt very bad about what she had said. “Eggther, there’s nothing wrong with what you said. It’s just that people don’t normally give that many details. And when they do, it’s almost always to members of the same sex. While we’re very great friends, there are still things that aren’t meant to be shared between members of the opposite sex.”

He looked up at her with wide eyes. “But elves are very sexual beings. Do you think I should be discussing this with Ardan or another elf? One of the male persuasion.”

Phoenix Forrester
Out of the Ashes TROUBLE will Rise!


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