Book Cover Entry #8 Book Title: A Vampire’s Love | Designed by Amanda Struz

Book Cover Entry #8
Book Title: A Vampire’s Love
Author Name: G.W. Pickle

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Book Cover Designer Name: Amanda Struz

Book Blurb:
Nineteen year old Allie Vargas has a problem. Her boyfriend, Bryan Summers, has asked her to marry him. She really wants to marry him, but he doesn’t know she is a vampire.

Nineteen year old Bryan Summers and his Mother moved to Middleford Texas six years ago from Los Angeles , to get away form the violence and street gangs. He thinks Allie is a sexy albino, who happens to need blood transfusions two or three times a month. He wants to marry her and is frustrated because she wants three days to give him her answer. 

For the last three days Allie has struggled trying to decide what to tell him. She wants to say yes, but how will he react to her secret. He had told her, early into their relationship that, in California , he had gotten into the vampire scene. Most of the group he belonged to went around wearing black capes and fake or implanted fangs. He even confessed, to Allie, that once he wanted to become one. They both laughed about it. Allie wonders how Bryan will react when he learns that she is a real vampire. Will he change his mind about marrying him or worse, hate her? Will he want her to change him now or will he wait until he knows and can handle the vampire’s way of life, or will she keep him a mortal and love him until he dies.

Allie finally tells Bryan her secret and answer. She vows to him that she will only marry him as a mortal and change him only after she’s sure he can handle the vampire’s life style.

Bryan agrees to her terms. The next day they buy a ring. On the way home they stop for gas, Bryan is shot, at point blank range with a shotgun, by a man robbing the gas station. He is now in surgery and has a twenty percent chance of survival. Does she turn him into a vampire and save his life only to loose him because of her vow, or does she let fate decide for her.

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