Book Cover Award Entry #7 Book Title: Disturb The Universe Designed by Beth Walker

Book Cover Entry #7
Book Title: Disturb The Universe
Author Name: Abby Morris
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Book Cover Designer Name: Beth Walker

Book Blurb:
Lauren and Charlie become instant best friends their senior year in high school. These beautiful, well-bred, and privileged young people fit into the arcane Savannah society as naturally as the aristocratic generations who preceded them.

During the next ten years, Lauren realizes she loves Charlie with a burning passion, beyond simple friendship. He loves her, but his sexual interest lies elsewhere. She knows her path to a normal life —marriage, children, a home—may have to be with someone else. But, how can she bear to give up Charlie?

At a friend’s wedding, Charlie surprises her with a passionate declaration of love and a romantic proposal. For a brief precious time, her life is sheer joy. Then, at their engagement party, she overhears a few shattering words that answer all her unasked questions. She strengthens her resolve to have her happy ending—to rise above whatever may get in the way.

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