Book Cover Award Entry #4 Book Title: The Archer | Designed by Paul Musgrove

April 2011 Book Cover Entry #4
Book Title: The Archer
Author Name: Betty Sullivan La Pierre 

Book Cover Designer Name: Paul Musgrove

Book Blurb:
Tom Casey, better known as Hawkman, found himself involved in a case where a young woman is being harassed with lewd messages on her cell phone. As he dug into the case, archery came into play. He knew nothing about the sport, but immediately educated himself on facts about the compound bow. Clues were hard to come by, and even though he had an idea of the culprit, arrest was out of the question with no hard evidence. Time marched by quickly and the perp was getting closer. Hawkman knew he’d have to catch him in the act, as scary as it might be. Read ‘THE ARCHER’ to get in on the thrills. 
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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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