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Now, I hope you enjoy the two excerpts below the story and character introductions.

Paula Calloway

A world faced with doom linked to a world filled with hope find more between
them than just a portal. Dragons and humans united in body, mind and soul,
face a challenge predicted in an ancient prophecy. Immortal enemies, fated
lovers, opal and black are the last chance to save a dying world. Born to be
enemies because of their race, the Lord of Darkness and the Lady of Light
come face to face. He destroys. She heals. Can Douglass and Vanora put aside
their differences long enough to save a dying world or will Radent and
Stardust create their own destruction?

A Light in the Dark: Tarot – Four of Pentacles
(Fantasy, Romance, Shapeshifter, Tarot)

Story Introduction
With his ability to negotiate as a concealed weapon, a warrior-mage cursed
and gifted with the unique and powerful blood of dragons, the Lord of
Darkness circles his prey in search of an opening. A priestess of unequalled
power and a hidden secret, her mind her most powerful weapon, Vanora
discovers the shield around her heart isn’t impenetrable. Fate demands
attention and causes a collision between Douglass and Vanora in more ways
than one in a realm where shadow is deceptive and only the dark empowers the

The Hero
Six foot four, a massive build and exiled for his birthright, the Lord of
Darkness is a warrior-mage with a dark tan complexion, obsidian eyes and
shoulder blade length black hair.

The Heroine
Five foot one, voluptuous and strong, Vanora is a priestess of fair
complexion, silvery-white eyes flecked with opalescence and waist length
platinum hair.

** Early 2006 **
A Light in the Dark: Tarot – Four of Pentacles
Fantasy, Romance, Shapeshifter, Tarot

1.5 kisses from Two Lips
3.5 pages from Alternative Read


Rare in her world, Vanora, the Lady of Light, finds peace among nature. When
a man comes seeking help and asks her to join forces with a soul unlike any
other, she finds herself faced with a confrontation she never expected and a
challenge she stands to lose.

Uncontested in his domain, Douglass, the Lord of Darkness unexpectedly is
faced with circumstances providing the opportunity to meet his greatest
opposition and form an alliance, both from sources he has long desired to

When destruction takes it toll, sometimes light needs the dark upon which to
reveal the source.

She is the light. He is the dark. Together they face shadow.


* challenged *

(Setting – Douglass tried to be helpful by changing Vanora’s clothes to
something more suitable for their journey.)

Exasperated by his steadfast stare, Vanora flung a pair of sandals and four
robes onto the table. She reached for the sandals, but jerked back her hand
as the footwear turned into a pair of boots identical to the ones on her
feet. As her fingers grazed each robe, it became an outfit similar to the
one worn, but of different colors. Her gaze traveled from the last robe to
the source of her trouble. “Don’t you dare.”

Douglass folded his arms over his chest. “I simply tried to help since-“

“White is such a target.” She snatched the last robe from the table and
stuffed it in the backpack. “I might need one, you addle-pated mage.”

Instantly on his feet in front of the royal tart, his stance ominous, he
raised an eyebrow. “Another insult.”

Vanora stepped back. “I think it only fair to warn you there are no lakes or
ponds or other pools of water within twenty yards and this is my home.”

His original intention to walk out the door, Douglass welcomed her
irresistible diversion. “Minor obstacles.” His forward strides deliberate,
he backed her against the wall, his arms ready to cut off her escape route.

She gasped at the immobile barrier in her path. “I… stop.”

He pressed his body intimately close and towered over her like death itself,
his voice deep, seductive, “You what?”

Vanora glanced at the door. “I, uh, apologize.”

His arms swiftly on each side of her delightful hips, Douglass expertly
pinned her luscious figure. His gaze fixed, he decided her eyes both
fascinating and intriguing. “Accepted. Just what do you think I intend to

Never treated in such a manner by anyone, she panicked. “I dislike being
trapped and, although I’m not sure, I know I won’t like it.”

“Are you so certain?”


* desire’s kiss *

(Setting – Douglass and Vanora are on another world and time is opening

The second stone clicked against the cave wall. Vanora shrugged. “What do
you mean?”

Douglass turned his vigilant gaze on the royal tart he wished to sample.
Soft and silky hair sparkled as the movement of her small hand pushed it
behind her shoulder. Her shapely figure beckoned his touch. Desire for her
stirred his blood as lust ignited his hunger. “I mean a man.”

She scrambled to her feet, moved to the cave entrance and peered outside.
The downpour hadn’t lessened. “No.”

His stealth unsurpassed, he stood and strode to stand behind her. The deep
timbre of his voice pitched to seduce, he whispered, “Consider me.”

Vanora pivoted and bumped into a wall of solid muscle. Her heart skipped a
beat and her breath hitched in her throat. His forward step pinned between
her between a wall and his powerful body danced. Shivers down her spine as
the emanated heat scattered gooseflesh over her skin. “I-I don’t know what
you mean-“

Douglass framed her face with his hands and lowered his mouth. The tender
brush of his lips across hers seared him to the core. “Consider me for
whatever reason a woman may need a man.” His oral embrace passionate, he
slid his hands down her shoulders, around her waist and bound her against
his body while he deepened their kiss. Her soft sensuous figure pressed
against him ignited an inferno in his veins.

She pushed her hands against his chest, but lacked the strength to escape.
The feel of his muscles against her palms coursed heat through her very
soul. Desire melded her against the dark lord. His arms pulled her closer
and she whimpered into his mouth.

He eased his hand down her back to rest on her hip. Fire enveloped his soul.
Her body destined to be next to his, entwined with his, bound to his, he
loved the taste of this royal tart who quelled a long burning inferno he
once considered insatiable.

Vanora broke their kiss and staggered back. Her mind whirled, her heart
pounded and her senses swam in a sea of wild sensations.

Paula Calloway
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