BOOK CHAT: Beth Wylde’s Yahoo Group Celebrations

Just a reminder that the fun is still continuing and there are still many exciting events to attend! Readers join in for a chance to win free books from all the visiting authors.

Authors come by to tell the readers what books you currently have available.
There are also chats for publishers and reviewers too. Beth hopes to see you there.
The schedule is also up on her website’s home page.

Sun Aug. 19th-Sweet/religiou s romance: This is for the tender side
of love. If sex comes up it is mentioned off screen and done behind
closed doors.

Mon. Aug. 20th-Erotica day. Let’s heat the group up. Bring your fans
and your ice water cause we’re gonna get hot!!!! Anything sexual
goes. Kink, BDSM, missionary style, menage… It doesn’t matter. If
it’s sexy we want to hear about it.

Tues. Aug. 21st-Paranormal day. Got vamps, werewolves, demons,
angels…? If so we want to know about it. Bring on the sexy alphas
and the late night bloodsuckers. Whoo hoo.

Wed. Aug. 22nd-Sci-fi/ fantasy day. Aliens, futuristic worlds…?
Tells us what you have. I’m a huge fan of this genre. I love the
world building and they way almost anything can happen.

Thurs. Aug. 23rd-GLBT day. f/f, m/m, crossdressers, bi…? Come
share it with the group. (You know I’ll be appearing this day since
I write lesbian erotica and I will offer up a copy of Switching
Sides to one lucky reader)

Fri. Aug. 24th-Time Travel/Historical. Knights in shining armor,
damsels in distress? A hottie in a kilt? A trip into the future or a blast to
the past? Come tell us what adventures await.

Sat. Aug 25th- crime/mystery/ horror. From suspenseful to scary, come chat about it.

Aug. 26th – 29: More publisher spotlight days. (Email me if you’re
group is interested) b.wylde@yahoo. com

Thurs. August 30th-Big chat at glbt promo. Here’s our list of participating authors:

Adriana Kraft
Bryn Colvin
Megan Rose
Kissa Starling
Beth Wylde

The “chat” is a two hour interaction on a new yahoo group set up specifically for the purpose of holding chats for GLBT erotic and erotic romance authors:

It’ll take place from 9pm to 11pm eastern time US (I think that’s GMT – 5, not sure

Friday Aug. 31-Terri Pray day. This will end the month and on Sept
1st, the day is yours. Chat about whatever you like.

Come join me for a great time. See you soon.

(feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested.)


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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