Loving Jordan
By Bonnie Rose Leigh
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Odin, the father of the Norse Gods, has a dilemma. Does he let an honorable soldier languish in the halls of Valhalla to await Ragnorak or use him to further his own personal needs?

Jordan Michaels doesn’t know who her father is and she doesn’t care. In fact all she wants is to find her missing sister Bridget and discover why her mother is hiding the fact she’s taken a lover.

Fed up with politicians sending him to foreign soil where wars never seem to end Ryan Connors leaves military service to help victims closer to home. When
he finds himself inexplicably heading toward a little town in the middle of nowhere he finds a mission he’s more than ready to jump into.

Can Ryan help Jordan find her kidnapped sister and convince her to take a chance on love or will Odin demand he sacrifice his life to bring Bridget home?


Ryan and Jordan are outside in the gazebo when they hear Jordan’s mother Mary scream.


Jordan ran toward the house as though Hel’s hounds were nipping at her heels She could feel Ryan’s breath against her neck could feel his reassuring presence at her back and thanked the Gods she wasn’t alone. She couldn’t imagine what could cause her mother to scream so horribly but whatever it was, it couldn’t be good.

She slammed through the front door and raced up the steps. Her mother’s voice echoed up and down the hall. The screams weren’t coming from her room but the cursed room Ryan had said he’d seen her enter.

It hurt to discover that Ryan’s words to her were in fact truth. In the back of her mind she wanted to believe he’d been mistaken. That her mother wouldn’t do something so foolish as to jeopardize either herself or the lives of the daughters she professed to love.

When they reached the forbidden roomJordan tried to turn the handle. It wouldn’t budge.

Her mother’s muffled voice could be heard through the door. Jordan turned to look at Ryan when she heard yet another muted shout. This time they could hear a little of what Mary was saying through the locked door. “I said stay back damn you.”

“Dammit,” Jordan muttered still trying to get the doorknob to turn. She rammed her shoulder against the door but it didn’t even shake in its frame.

“Here get out of the way. I’ll kick in the door and go in first.”

Jordan shook her head. “No, I can’t let you do that. If you go in there you chance losing your soul to Hel.”

“The curse is against your family, Jordan. The chances are higher you’ll be attacked if you go in there.”

She knew he was right but how could she ask him to put himself in harms way. He didn’t know her. He didn’t know her mother or Bridget.

Get over yourself Jordan. I’m going in there. Now get out of my way.

When she apparently didn’t move fast enough for him, he lifted her by her waist and set her aside. He lifted his foot and just as he kicked it through the door shattering the bottom half his voice whispered through her mind. And, Jordan, I know you a lot better than you think.

Ryan continued to kick his way through the door until it was shattered enough that he could squeeze through the opening he’d made. “Shit” she heard him mutter. Unable to stand the suspense and figuring the danger was at a minimal since there were no sounds of fightingJordan crawled through the shattered door and right between Ryan’s spread thighs.

She could just imagine what they looked like. Him standing at the shattered door his legs wide hands on hips with her head poking out between his legs.

Jordan’s gaze immediately sought out her mother. She found her naked, but for the sheet she’d wrapped around her, with her back against the headboard of a wrought iron bed.

“You said you wanted an animal in bed and when I oblige, you scream your fucking head off. Women!”

Jordan swung her head toward the irate male voice. An ash-gray demon—or what she assumed was a demon—stood at the foot of the bed a furious expression on his face. She gasped and met Mary’s horrified gaze from across the room. Anger and disgust at her mother warred with fear for everyone’s safety. How could her mother sleep with such a creature?

He looked like he stepped straight from a child’s nightmare. Ivory tusks protruded from his bony forehead. His elongated face ended in a pointy chin. She could see his razor sharp teeth when he snarled his displeasure. But the red beady stare that met hers almost stopped her heart.

Good God! What had her mother done and how in the hell was she going to get them all out of this?

“Oh get a grip woman. I’m not going to attack you. And for Goddess’ sakeget the hell out from between your man’s legs. My dick is hard enough even with your mother’s caterwauling. I don’t need to see such a provocative sight right now.”

As though his words had a magnetic affect, her gaze immediately dropped to his cock—his very large, very intimidating cock.

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