Blog Hopping Madness: 1st Official Alternative Author Blog Hop!


Hi everyone! Today is our first ‘Meet and Greet’ Author blog hop!

What is a blog hop? Blog hop, also known as blog hopping, is to move from one blog after another to read the entries or to leave comments.

Here we will not only be featuring our AR affiliate authors, but we are also hoping (once word spreads around) to make this a space where all authors can leave their latest blog post links, so that you, dear readers and authors, can all hop on by and say hi!


What better way to discover a new author, or find out what our regulars up to all in once place?  This is also running alongside our major chat day in the Alternative-Read Yahoo group, which you can visit here: where each Thursday we spotlight our affiliate authors, ask them questions, share news, links (hence this blog hop) and generally have a good old natter. Do come an join in the fun!

If you are an author, leave your link below, and we’ll hop on by and say hi! Feel free to steal our logo and add it to your post, so we can find your Author Blog Hop post quickly and easily.

Leave your name and blog title if there is room.

Example: Sassy Brit: Blog Hopping Madness!

Oh, and just in case you do not know who our affiliate authors are – they should make themselves stand out by adding (affiliate author) at the end of their name and blog title. 😉  I’ll leave a link back to this page just to test it out. LOL (Yeah, I am one of those people who just have to see if everything works first hand).

Click the blue ‘Click here to enter’ and leave your latest blog post link. 

Happy hopping!



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