BLOG CHALLENGE: 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Bloggiesta! Ole!

Google Alert Mini-Challenge
This mini-challenge is pretty simple and I found it on EmilysReadingRoom. Using one of the tasks from the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog, we will be creating Google Alerts. I don’t currently use Google Alerts, but if you use them frequently for a book blog such as this, it is a good tool to keep up on trends in the book industry and keep abreast of what other bloggers are talking about.

So my plan is to join in with this mini-challenge in the hope of improving this blog and network with like-minded souls, while spreading the word about AR and having fun at the same time. Head on over to ProBlogger and read the instructions on setting up a useful Google Alert.

Make sure you’ve been over to Maw Books Blog to sign up for the Bloggiesta! Ole! When you are finished, post a comment in the comments section to win some fabulous prizes!

You are welcome to leave a comment here, too! Then I’ll return the favour and visit your site to see what challenges you are doing. Have fun!


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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3 thoughts on “BLOG CHALLENGE: 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Bloggiesta! Ole!

  1. Thrilled that you are bloggiesting with us! And good luck with the challenges.

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