Bewitching the Wolf : Interview & #Giveaway with Zia Westfield @ZiaWestfield @BVSBooks #parnormalromance #anthology #mysticdesire

Zia Westfield Mystic Desire #blackvelvetseductions #coverreveal #bvsbooks #altread #supernatural #anthology #halloween
Zia Westfield Mystic Desire #blackvelvetseductions #coverreveal #bvsbooks #altread #supernatural #anthology #halloween
BEWITCHNG THE WOLF by Zia Westfield Mystic Desire #blackvelvetseductions #coverreveal #bvsbooks #altread #supernatural #anthology #halloween

Which character is the hero in your short story BEWITCHING THE WOLF?

Brodie MacEwan, a wolf shifter from Scotland.

If I asked Brodie to describe his first impression of your story’s heroine, what would he say?

“The lass is enchanting and unexpected. She’s also prickly around me, which rouses my suspicions.”
Bewitching the Wolf by Zia Westfield

Which character did you have the most fun writing?

Oggie. The leprechaun is full of attitude and I really enjoyed watching him develop on the page.
Oggie The Leprechaun

Which character surprised you?

Aunt Cora. There’s more to her than meets the eye.
I tend to write a lot of aunts in my stories. Having grown up with amazing aunts​who guided me and offered me their words of wisdom, I have a soft spot for the role these women play in our lives. Aunt Cora represents the best of aunts–caring, loyal, and wise.

Will we be hearing anything more from these characters in other books?

I don’t know. I enjoyed writing Brodie and Alice’s story. I haven’t thought beyond them. I love writing paranormal romances and creating new worlds. Whether I do more in Alice and Brodie’s world, or create a new world, I’m sure I’ll be writing paranormal romance again in the near future.
Mystic Desire #blackvelvetseductions #coverreveal #bvsbooks #altread #supernatural #anthology #halloween

When you write do you have any kind of routine or ritual to help you get started, especially when looking at a blank page?

I like to review what I wrote the last I was in front of the screen. Usually that helps to get me back into the scene and move forward.

What else are you working on now?

I’m currently writing Killer Vows, another entry in my Deadly Encounters series. After that, I may decide to write another paranormal romance if the right characters and stories come to mind. We’ll see!
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  1. I love the idea of a hotel where dreams come true! Wish I could go on holiday to a place like that!

  2. It is a great story in the anthology, I really love Zia’s stories, her Deadly Encounters series is great. The anthology hits the bookshelves tomorrow…… I can’t wait.

  3. Zia and Brit,
    Interesting blog. I do the same thing as you; I read what I wrote last before I start writing again.
    That is an awesome giveaway I hope everyone takes advantage of it.

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