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Today I am joining in with Flower Friday! I first discovered this over at Mischenko’s blog, ReadRantRockandRoll , and loved those posts, so much I kept promising myself to join in. Now it’s Summer and I’ve seem to have caught the gardening bug!


Crazy Bee Lady

My Bee Bed! Planted two types of Lavender and a Bee Loving Hebe!


Ever heard of the Crazy Cat Lady? Well, I’ve not got cats, rats, yes, but not cats. I am, however, suddenly hooked on bees! So much so, I sent away for a Friends of the Earth Bee Saver Guide and I am besotted!  With the decline of bees this is something I have become very passionate about. Did you know that worryingly 13 bee species have become extinct in the UK since 1900 and a further 35 are on the threatened species list.


last weekend I begged my husband to make me a small raised bed, out of some pallets he just happened to have lying around.  And he did! This is what he made….

Introducing my BEE BED!


My Bee Bed! Planted two types of Lavender and a Bee Loving Hebe!

It’s working they really are attracting the bees, and they are so, so busy all the time.

I have a video here, but they don’t show up so well on wordpress, no idea why… so I had to upload to YouTube in order to share it with you all! Not exactly the most exciting video, but then again, if you’re a bee lover YOU might disagree, like me! I find them fascinating. 🙂

Excuse the unedited camera work, I found it hard to keep track of them they were so busy.


Wildlife in Action!


Three reasons Britain’s bees need your help today:

  • The loss of habitat is the most pressing problem facing British bees: 97% of our vital grasslands have been lost in the past 60 years.
  • Bees pollinate 75% of our main food crops worldwide, including some of our favourite produce like apples, strawberries and tomatoes.
  • Scientists estimate that it would cost over £1.8 billion every single year to pollinate UK crops by hand.


Sources: Friends of the Earth UK website.

30 Days Wild Website  // The Wildlife Trust Instagram // 30 Days Wild Twitter // Facebook 

My Bee Bed! Planted two types of Lavender (English and French) and a Bee Loving Hebe!


English Lavender
My Bee Bed! French Lavender!

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7 thoughts on “Bee Prepared for Flower Friday! #FlowerFriday #30DaysWild #bees #video

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    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum says:

    Those are beautiful flowers! Makes me wish I had even a smidgen of gardening talent 🙂

    1. That’s all I have, a smidgen! And that I am reading up a lot about bees 🙂

  2. V.M.Sang – UK – I was born and educated in the north west of England. I trained as a teacher in Manchester and taught in Salford, Lancashire, Hampshire and Croydon. I write fantasy novels currently. I also make cards, knit, crochet, tat, do cross stitch and paint. I enjoy walking on the Downs, cycling and kayaking. I do not enjoy housework, but like cooking.
    V.M.Sang says:

    Well done you on your loving bees programme.
    They are incredibly important. No bees, no us!
    And the flowers are beautiful.

  3. Thank you! Yes, exactly. It’s frightening how much we depend on them, and many of us don’t even realise.

  4. I love this! You’re doing something wonderful for the bees too. 😉 Just beautiful! Thanks for linking up.

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