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The Same Time
Brona Mills
(Time Series, #2)
Publication date: April 23rd 2018
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction, Time-Travel

A brave young mother, a time-traveling good Samaritan, and a love that must endure the tests of time…

Stella is fighting against her circumstances. Pregnant and caring for her own mother, twenty-one-year-old Stella is tough, and doing the best she can.Butin her darkest hour, helparrives in the form of a handsome and mysterious man who knows more about her than seems reasonable.

A scientist, David has unlocked the keys to time travel and uses his knowledge to save Stella’s life, over and over.But will David turn out to be her salvation, or the beginning of her greatest heartbreak? While David strives to assist Stella on her path, he does so without realizing he may be risking his chances of returning safely to his own time in the process.

When Stella meets a younger David on her own timeline—long before his time traveling days have begun—they begin a love affair that will change both their lives. The question is, will their love be strong enough to change the devastating future they share, and how much will Stella tell her love about what she knows of their shared future and demise?

“…a great story of love transcending time against all odds” – Amazon Reviewer

This is the second book in the connected Time Series and can be read as a standalone.

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Sassy Brit: What are your Top Ten Rules for Time Travel?

Brona Mills: Oh this is a fun question!


  1. Know where you’re going and why.  Don’t deviate
  2. Try not to fu*k anything up
  3. If you’re bringing a friend, make sure they know the rules
  4. Be careful what you wish for
  5. Don’t do anything twice – if your changes didn’t work out the first, time, you’re probably only going to make it worse again.
  6. You can’t actually change anything
  7. Perhaps the only purpose of the time travel was to prove to you, how much you can’t actually change anything.
  8. Unless you changed something that was never meant to be – then you get the opportunity to change it back
  9. You probably shouldn’t steal lotto numbers or anything –I don’t know why, but it’s one of those moral rules.  Feel free to break it and share with me.
  10. Go to the future, see what we as society/nations/and a world will fu*k up, and then brace yourself for when it happens.

SB: THANK YOU!!! I absolutely love your answers!

Author Bio:

Brona Mills has defied the odds of overcoming dyslexia and failing High School English to become an author. Her first book, A Time for Everything, has been met with great reviews from both the romance readers and the sci-fi time travel lovers, that Brona kept the series going. Book two in the connected series, The Same Time is out 23rd April, and Brona’s not stopping there. She is currently working on two other projects, a novella in the connected Time Series, and a new stand alone time travel novel with a dystopian element.



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