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An interview with his evil character – Lamia.

For this blog, I stole a few words with Lamia, a dark character from The Bitter End. I was told to meet her at the fallen oak at midnight at the next full moon. I took my phone to record her words. I felt this meeting could be dangerous for my health. It’s one thing creating a poisonous character on paper, another to meet them in the flesh. After all, would you like to meet Hannibal Lecter for a chat down a dark alley?

There were beads of sweat across my top lip and forehead. She was nowhere to be seen. A fog had started to appear – then there was a sound, as if something was slithering towards me. A voice startled me from behind.

“Are you the fool I am meeting here?”

I turned, seeing a tall, thin, hunched figure. The sight of her sickened me. I’d done a good job. “Lamia?”

She regarded me with hatred in her eyes. “This is the first and last time. Start!”

I suddenly wanted to ask my questions quickly and get the hell out of there. I took a deep breath. “Okay, Lamia, you are very different, are you the only one of your kind?”

“Your ignorance overwhelms me,” she said. “Why would I give you a morsel of thought? Why should I aid your quest?”

“But you granted me this interview,” I reminded her. “So, are you the first of your kind?”

“Yes – but not the last.”

“Why do you hate the human race?”

Her look was one of disdain. “You have been given too much with your arrogance and weakness in body and soul. You do not deserve the position your God has bestowed upon you.  We have been watching you from the very start of your creation. And you do not deserve to be a part of this world that my Dark Lord helped create.”

I could feel her anger and hatred, it made me cough, it smothered me. But I had to know. “What part did Satan ever have in creating God’s earth?”

With a bloodshot glare she looked deep into my eyes and growled, “Hell.”

It was at that point that I noticed a terrible odour. I asked Lamia. “What’s that smell?”

She smiled at me. “It could be the smell of your burning flesh if you wish.”

I took this as a threat, but I had the bit between my teeth. “Do you tell lies?”

“No!” she said sharply, turning away. Then she slowly looked back at me and moved closer, to whisper in my ear. I felt the hairs on my neck rise. “Would you like to know a secret?”

I swallowed to get the word out. “What secret?”

“I possessed your soul as you wrote this book.”

Before I could utter a word, she turned away, almost floating through the ground mist, and then grandly announced to me, “And while you have been wasting my time with these questions, I have murdered your wife.”

“What!” I yelled. “But you haven’t moved, you’ve been right here.”

She looked directly into my eyes. “My loyal familiar has ripped her throat out. Her soul – my payment for this interview.”

I staggered and shouted, “This can’t be true!”

“No, I am lying,” she cackled. “Know me, know nothing but pain.”

I believed her.

Her eyes narrowed. “This ends now… or your life does!”

She vanished before my eyes, and I was already speed dialling the wife to make sure she was alive.

I thanked God that Lamia had lied, but strangely she had also told the truth.

As I walked away through the lifting fog I was already constructing book two.


SB: Thank you!!!! Lamia was a pretty scary character!

Book Description: 

Paul finally has his life back on track. After losing his wife, Helena in a horrific car crash, he has found love with Sally and moves into her country cottage.

As a former high-ranking Naval Officer, Paul now works as Head of Security at MI5.

Paul has no memories from before he was ten years old. An accident left him in a coma for 9 months.  But was it really an accident?

Soon Paul starts to have flashes of childhood memories, all involving his childhood friend, Owen.

Sally introduces him to her friend, Juliet, the owner of a craft shop. Paul is shocked when he is introduced to Juliet’s partner, his old friend Owen.

Flashes of memories continue to haunt Paul, particularly the memory of his first wife Helena burning in the car crash.

As dark things start to happen, and local people begin dying in horrific accidents, Paul must face his past and will end up fighting for his life.


Author Bios:


Ann Evans was born and bred in Coventry, West Midlands, and started writing just for fun after giving up her secretarial job to have her three children.

Having caught the writing ‘bug’ there was no stopping her, and as her children grew up, she continued to write for a variety of genres. She spent 13 years at her local newspaper as a Feature Writer as well as working freelance on magazine articles.

She also writes books for children, young adults, reluctant readers and some romance. (Ann Carroll) Her first adult crime novel, Kill or Die was published in 2017 by Bloodhound Books.

Having worked with writer/photographer Robert D. Tysall for many years through magazine work, Ann and Rob teamed up to write the supernatural thriller, The Bitter End – Ann’s first collaboration with another writer.  This will be published by Bloodhound Books in the summer of 2018.





Robert Tysall was born and brought up in Rugby, Warwickshire, and played the sport the town is famous for in his youth, until he discovered a passion and talent for photography, music and writing poetry and song lyrics. His career so far has been a busy mix of being lead vocalist and percussionist in bands plus working as a professional freelance photographer.

He is currently in a 60s, 70s & Beatles duo, and lives in Warwickshire with his wife, Heather. He has two grown up children. Rob is multi published on the photographic side of things with countless magazine articles, generally working alongside writer Ann Evans.

For many years he has dabbled with ideas for stories and finally the time felt right with this book. It seemed a natural turn of events for both Rob and Ann to team up and write The Bitter End together.

With his debut novel completed, now there’s no stopping him, and two more book collaborations with Ann are currently in the pipeline.





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