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I’ve a few more bits and pieces to share with you today – about authors  Gigi Sedlmayer  and Lars -Toralf Storstrand

«Talon, Come Fly with Me»

Gigi Sedlmayer, author of the Talon series, has recently had her article featured in her local paper the Bulletin of the Gold Coast Australia!  CONGRATULATIONS!

Advertised in the BulletinAdvertised in the Bulletin 1

Talon, Come Fly with Me Blurb :

An inspirational, highly emotional and entertaining read for all ages

This bookis a lovely adventure with an amazing heroine. Matica is a strong, brave girl, DOzmPseVwAEp5Ecwho battles with her handicap and how others view her. But thisisn’t a story only about her gaining acceptance or over coming herchallenges. Rather, it’s a tale packed full of exciting moments and tons of emotions. Matica comes across naturally as does the village andworld around her. It’s beautifully set and an easy landscape to diveinto.

The way the  author revealed each situation is fun to read and it made one anxious to see what’s next. Acceptance was eloquently woven into the story without being blatant. And the other thing I learned was that when certain  things happen, you don’t always know why and just maybe something goodwill come of it.

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Check out the Talon series here:

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37639911«A Tooth for A Tooth»


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«A Tooth for A Tooth» by Lars -Toralf Storstrand

Book Blurb:

A late night in February 1969, a man disappears from a small village on the isle Stord. In 1978, a young man writes a school project about Auschwitz Birkenau and a German officer who disappeares from Poland in the winter of 1944.
As a result he gets aquainted with information he could never figure out by himself, among among them the connection to the former wife of the man who disappeared from Litlabø for a few years before. Is there any connection between the two men?
What role does the Jewish family of Saddler Moishe Apfelbaum from Danzig play? A story about genocide, raw force, cynicism, odontophobia, diamonds, gold, fish that will not take the bait and the relationship between father and son.

Book Extract:


Order now at Amazon USA!This is an Amazon Associate link, where I will get a small (tiny) contribution if you make a purchase through the UK site.


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